College Counseling

Make a Successful College Choice

Our Five Year Program

Discovering your strengths and challenges are all a part of the balanced experience Episcopal offers students. This journey of personal exploration ultimately culminates in finding the right college or university.

Episcopal believes that successful college decisions start with the student who is well informed and actively involved in the college search process. Therefore, college preparation begins with a meeting for parents during the student’s eighth-grade year. A supportive staff of counselors serves as personal guides on the journey through course selection, testing, application, and selection process.

Episcopal offers support through our College Prep 101 seminars for parents and students on a range of topics, Application Camp at the beginning of senior year, and one-on-one meetings throughout your years at Episcopal.

These one-on-one meetings establish an important rapport between counselor and student. Our counselors are knowledgeable about hundreds of colleges so that they can assist students in finding the right match and make an ongoing effort – through tours and other professional events - to keep personal contacts with admissions officers from colleges around the country.

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College Counseling Timeline

Second semester- Informational meeting for parents of eighth-grade students to share information regarding the process and class selection for Upper School.

Students Pursing Athletics or Arts in College


Students who are interested in competing in athletics at the collegiate level will be given the support necessary to achieve their goal. The college counseling office initiates conversations about college athletics with student-athletes and their families as early as the ninth grade. The college counseling office works hand in hand with coaches and advisors to help identify the best fit from a competition, academic, and culture standpoint. Each year, approximately 20% of our senior student-athletes go on to compete at the collegiate level. Our college counseling office prides itself on staying current with NCAA eligibility standards so that our Episcopal student-athletes are ready to compete when they arrive on a college campus.  Every year we send students off to a variety of colleges in many different sports.

Fine Arts

Students who discover their artistic passions at ESJ are encouraged to first speak directly to their arts instructor concerning their interest in pursuing arts at the college level. Arts vary vastly and different universities have different strengths regarding fine arts programs. Often the individual teacher is the good first stop. Teachers will collaborate with the parents and the college counselors to make sure that information is flowing between all parties involved. Additionally, fine arts and college counseling will host an informative meeting in the fall for all parents and students who would like to learn more about the process of auditions and portfolio preparation.