Communication, whether oral, written or visual, is at the core of the human experience. The Communications Department helps students to better understand and express themselves in engaging, clear, and mindful ways.

AP Psychology helps us better understand ourselves and others. It offers us insight into human nature – what makes us tick and how we can address interpersonal relationships in a more logical and emotionally secure way.

Film Analysis offers students the opportunity to see video and film as we all see literature, as an invaluable and necessary cultural tool to make sense of the world.

Media Production extends our students’ world view by allowing them to create film and video to convey their perspectives to others.

Yearbook and Website Journalism give students the opportunity to report the world around them in a creative way.

Public Speaking gives our students the necessary tools to express themselves confidently – to be intellectually assertive in a way that commands respect for their views.

One of the main goals of the department is to allow students to create and report their perspectives in real-world, outcome-based ways: videos, the yearbook, speeches, website articles, film reviews, and putting psychological knowledge to everyday use.

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