Computer Science

Episcopal’s Computer Science course offerings include Microsoft Office applications, Google Docs, gaming, website and desktop publishing, app-building, and college level courses. The goal for Middle School students is exposure to a variety of technology tools, learning how to collect, analyze and represent data; produce multimedia presentations; and create programs using MIT’s visual programming languages: App Inventor and Scratch (the Computer Science Department also sponsors a Middle School Scratch club). Internet safety and cyberbullying are also addressed.

Upper Schoolers can take web page design and apps which teach the skills necessary for students to have a creative presence on the web. Desktop Publishing introduces the latest software to unleash creative layouts for magazines, brochures, and other printed materials, as well as digital publications. In game design and simulation, students learn how to design and program games and simulations using several different pieces of software. Two Advanced Placement courses are offered: AP Computer Principles and AP Computer Science. Study trips to local businesses such as Sally Corporation, as well as virtual study trips, enhance the curriculum.

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