Both the Beaches and St. Mark’s Campus English departments lay a strong foundation for the young Episcopal student. Emphasizing a balanced approach, the aligned K-5 curricula help students flourish in language arts skills with the goal of establishing a lifelong intellectual process of finding and creating meaning. In preparation for middle school and beyond, students evolve into effective writers and speakers by reading critically, listening effectively, and analyzing and evaluating a variety of texts. Talented and devoted faculty use thoughtfully designed, research-based programs to collaborate with and challenge students and foster engaged, reflective, and strategic learners.

The discussion-based, learner-centered English curriculum on the Munnerlyn campus extends this preparation with a focus on preparing students to communicate their ideas with confidence and clarity, whether written or aloud. Passionate, experienced educators guide students in grades six through twelve through the collaborative endeavor of exploring a rich range of classical and contemporary texts. In this process, students develop the critical reading, writing, and thinking skills that prepare them for success in standardized testing, Advanced Placement exams, and college. More importantly, they learn the value of civil discourse and of engaging with literature and the ways in which it intersects with their lives and the human condition.