Students who complete Episcopal’s history curriculum have an appreciation for the depth and breadth of complexity of the world in which they live. They are equipped with the knowledge of the world that they will need to succeed during their college years.

The Middle School history curriculum includes overview courses: Sixth grade studies world history; the seventh grade Geography course provides an overview of the world and eighth graders learn about the United States – from the country’s founding through the Civil War/Reconstruction era, with an emphasis on citizenship and civics.

Upper School students study world history in ninth and tenth grades. In the eleventh grade, students pursue an in-depth exploration of United States history with an emphasis on the 20th Century. Advanced Placement courses are offered in World History and U.S. History (eleventh grade). Electives include Economics, World Religions and AP U.S. Government & Politics.

Both content and writing skills are important in all History Department classes. The curriculum is designed to ensure that students know the foundations of the culture in which they live as they develop awareness and understanding of the rest of the world. While textbooks provide the structure and foundational information for courses, the History Department believes that students best engage material through the reading and analysis of primary documents. Middle School writing and documentation is closely coordinated between English and history teachers. Upper School students gradually transition to the specific writing standards of the discipline of history.

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