The Theology Department directs students to the deepest and best of the Christian intellectual tradition and helps them understand how that tradition engages a pluralistic world.

Middle School students take introductory courses to Old and New Testament to introduce them to the basic message and genres of Holy Scripture. Students in the Upper School may begin formal theological courses as early as the ninth grade by taking Theology 1, which focuses on an integrated grasp of biblical substance, classical Christian doctrine, and ethics. Theology 2 includes further study of Scripture, spirituality, and ethics.

World Religions (offered within the History Department) traces the history of the three great monotheistic traditions and concludes with a focus on contemporary political and social issues as they unfold in the Middle East, as well as other events and issues that shape our world. Seniors have the option to take multi-disciplinary courses which earn a full credit in English or History while also meeting theology requirements. The Department’s goal extends beyond merely offering courses in Bible or formal ethics and strives to integrate a substantive Christian perspective within the framework of other disciplines.

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