World Languages

The study of a world language is integral to a student’s development in a growing global community. Students begin their study of a language in seventh grade and are required to complete three consecutive levels of the same language. Many students choose to continue their studies beyond the requirement or to study a second language once the requirement is completed. In Chinese, French, and Spanish, the goal is to develop conversational proficiency that would allow students to use the language in their travels. The focus is on communication and the key components of speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

In Latin, the focus is on the written word. Students study grammar, vocabulary, and history in order to translate the works of a variety of Roman authors. Emphasis is also placed on the connections between Latin and other languages, especially English. The study of Latin creates a strong foundation for continuing studies in history, literature, science, and English.

Each year, Spanish and French students compete in a variety of academic events at the Florida State Spanish Competition and Congrès; Latin students compete in a variety of academic, creative and athletic events at the Northeast Florida Regional Forum; and Chinese students participate in the annual FCTA Florida Statewide Chinese Competition.

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