Become an engaged global citizen.

International Programs

Episcopal currently offers students the opportunity to participate in a diverse selection of International Programs. These include exchange programs with schools in Spain and France, academically based programs abroad in China, Italy, Canada and the United Kingdom, and service trips. Our goal is that the opportunity to participate in study or conduct service abroad will lay a solid foundation for students to become engaged global citizens in today’s increasingly complex world.

Our academically focused programs are tied to the ESJ curriculum, and their development is faculty driven. The goal of these programs is to immerse students in each country’s culture in order to generate an awareness and understanding of the differences and similarities to our own while connecting their day-to-day experiences with the academic focus of the program.

Our commitment to develop students as servant leaders inspires our service trips to other countries. A mission trip to Romania gives students the opportunity for immersion in another culture as well as spiritual development through service to others.

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