BC Marine Science Adventure

This academically focused program is based on Vancouver Island.  The goal of this program is to combine exciting and adventurous activities such as kayaking, hiking, and camping with learning the basics of marine ecology, research techniques, and data collection.  Students will set up camp in a remote outpost in Telegraph Cove. Activities in Telegraph Cove will include a whale, dolphin and seal lion watching tour, marine life conservation projects, and sea kayaking.  Students will then move to the Broughton Archipelago, where they will be staying in an off-the-grid research station.  Using the research station as their base, the group will explore the islands and ocean of this pristine area.  Activities in Broughton Archipelago will include snorkeling with seals, hiking, marine science research technique and data collection education, and wildlife observation.  On the program’s final night students will settle in for a sleepover in the glowing fish and dolphin tanks of the world-famous Vancouver Aquarium.

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