colegio Inglés spanish exchange

ESJ partners with Colegio Inglés in Zaragoza, Spain to provide students with a cultural immersion experience through the school exchange program. Students from Colegio Inglés are partnered with rising ESJ juniors and seniors for a two-week cultural and language exchange experience that occurs biennially. In the summer ESJ students visit Zaragoza, in the north east of Spain, where they are hosted by the family of a Colegio Inglés student for two weeks. Following two weeks in Zaragoza, the students spend three days exploring Barcelona and its many important cultural sites. The itinerary in Zaragoza and Barcelona include: The Monasterio de Piedra, El Albarracín, The Basilica of our Lady Pilar, La Sagrada Familia, Parque Guell, Museum of Catalan History and much more.

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