ESJ partners with Lycée St. Félix - La Salle in Nantes, France providing students with an opportunity for cultural immersion and language improvement. Students from St. Félix and ESJ are partnered for the duration of the exchange program. In the summer ESJ students visit Nantes, where they will be hosted by the family of their exchange partner for two weeks. These students will also have the opportunity to spend three nights in Paris, at the end of the program, where they will have the opportunity to visit several of the city's most important cultural sites. The choices of which sites to visit are mainly student led, including an optional day trip outside of the city. In the following spring, 15-20 students from St. Félix are hosted by ESJ students for two weeks. While in Jacksonville, these students live in the homes of their host families, take classes with their host brothers or sisters, and participate in special excursions to places of interest in and around the city.