Pre-Kindergarten - 5th Grade

Pre-K 3 through fifth grade on the Beaches campus provides a stimulating environment for learning by providing a variety of experiences focused on developing the whole child. Through an integrated, hands-on curriculum students are encouraged to develop inquisitive, creative minds, and a joy of learning. Art, movement, music, library, computer science, Spanish, and Christian education provide avenues for self-expression and enhanced learning. Students actively participate in chapel services twice weekly and share classroom prayers. Opportunities are provided to allow students to develop responsibility and leadership skills. Classroom iPads support learning as students take advantage of digital applications to make subject content come alive. Technology is integrated into the daily curriculum to give students an optimal learning experience and incorporates iPads, interactive whiteboards, a 3D printer, and a laser cutter. Community service opportunities, after school programs and sports, and extended day services all enrich life and daily learning at the Beaches campus. A small, caring environment, the Beaches campus is its own family within the Episcopal community.

Children learn best through fascinating experiences. Episcopal’s St. Mark's Campus strives to provide creative environments and experiences that expose students to the wonders of the world around them. Teachers create a stimulating, supportive environment where students can explore, ask questions, take intellectual risks, and work collaboratively. Lesson plans are designed to provide opportunities for students to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills in preparation for life-long learning. Thoughtful use of technology strengthens lessons with research and reference. Students learn how to find information and present their ideas in writing, in videos, and through programming. Field trips, guest speakers, and curriculum-focused projects and activities enhance the classroom experience. In addition to strong academics, students learn responsibility, build strong work habits, and develop cooperative social behavior. Resources and after school programs provide enriching experiences through art, music, library, computer, Spanish, Chapel, community service, and athletics.