Professional Development

Episcopal strongly believes in investing in its most important asset -- its faculty and staff. Faculty and staff are encouraged to attend professional development opportunities across the country throughout the year. In addition to continuing to pursue certifications and higher degrees, Episcopal’s faculty engages in ongoing professional development opportunities offered through the University of North Florida, the Florida Council of Independent Schools and conferences on pedagogy. Teachers have attended field-specific training as well, including the United States Institute for Theatre Technology, the Percussive Arts Society International Convention; AP workshops; Econ in the Real World; and Hamilton, History and the Federal Reserve.

Professional Development Activities


  • Taylor Lee Horne '00, Performing Arts Department Chair and Upper School Theatre Director, and Dawn Morrow, Director of Dance, participated in professional development classes this summer with The Juilliard School. Taylor Horne attended "Coaching Monologues: An Immersive Lab for Theatre Educators," and Dawn Morrow attended "Infusing Dance Technique Classes with Student-Centered Learning." 
  • Nancy Prendergast took a teaching AP Latin course.  
  • Alexander Hernandez attended the 2021 SAIS Institute for New Teachers at Providence Day School in Charlotte, NC on July 20-22, 2021.
  • Seventeen teachers participated in the RPDS Diversity event (2 days) led by Rosetta Lee. Lower School teachers took part in the Early Childhood and Elementary school sessions while the teachers from the Munnerlyn Campus participated in the sessions that apply to Middle and Upper Schools. 
  • Seven math teachers participated in a Bureau of Education and Research online session on helping students who fall behind in math skills. There is something available and applicable for every grade level.
  • Jackie Jenkins participated in an online Workshop:  Tulsa Race Riots presented by the Education Department at the U of Missouri through the Carter Center at the University of Missouri. 
  • Amy Burrows Perkins ’92, Director of Student Services,  attended the Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS) Summer Conference Session.
  • Wrestling Coaches invited a coach to campus to do a clinic called “Beebe Trained Wrestling Academy." 
  • Boys lacrosse coaches invited a coach to campus to receive “Box Lacrosse Training Certification.”
  • AP Reading/Workshops attended during the summer:
    • Cathy Kanaday attended an AP Literary & Composition workshop offered by College Board in the Tampa Bay area. 
    • Mark Zimmerman was a reader for AP Photography & Digital Media
    • Emily Edmonson was a reader of AP Government
    • Lara Duguid was a reader for AP European History
    • Lara Duguid attended a workshop for AP World History in July
    • David Wandel was a reader for AP Environmental Science
    • Farah Barake attended a workshop for AP French in July
  • Cathy Kanaday and Emily Edmonson (English and History Chairs, respectively) organized a workshop for new faculty members in their departments to support their learning of how teach in the Harkness Method. It was held on the morning of Saturday 8/14, and was attended by a number of faculty members who have joined each department over the last couple of years. 
  • Diane Bates attended the Adobe for Education Summit in July
  • Caitlin Fitzpatrick attended the "Teaching Shakespeare is Teaching Race" workshop in July through the Folger Shakespeare Library: 
  • Dr. Derrick King enrolled in a course through the Harvard Graduate School of Education in May and June called "Deeper than Edutainment: Taking Books and Their Film Adaptations Seriously": 
  • Alex Hernandez and Teesha Renninger both attended the SAIS New Faculty Institute in Atlanta in July
  • Julie Carter attended the ACCIS Summer Institute:
  • Debbie Deppe is engaged with ISTE Live throughout the year to continue with PD in respect to technology in the classroom:
  • Justin Weise, Alex Nichols, and Jefferson Brant have all done Professional Development in US History through the Gilder Lehrman Institute this past spring and summer 
  • The History Department engaged in an entire day of professional development in the Harkness Method in August, facilitated by Dr. William Jordan, who is on the faculty at Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire (the original institution that pioneered the Harkness Method).
  • The English Department also engaged in their own day of Harkness Method training In August with Becky Moore, a faculty member at Philips Exeter.