Technology On Campus

Beaches Campus

The Beaches Campus and classrooms are fully equipped with technology, including a computer lab, 3D printer, laser cutter, interactive smartboards, and computers in the classrooms. The addition of the science labs and a science program infused with a STEM-based approach helps breed a learning environment of excitement and discovery. iPads and an iPad cart also add to the learning experience through an interactive technology program that promotes the school's educational philosophy. A state-of-the-art media center and library for Pre-K 4 through sixth-grade students also provide the opportunity to learn ethical and societal issues related to technology and how to practice responsible use. 

St. Mark’s Campus

St. Mark’s Campus’s Innovation Lab features mobile workstations for flexible classroom design with access to both iMacs and iPads and is equipped with 3D printing capability for lab instruction and interdisciplinary integration projects. The Iab also houses a variety of programming robots designed to teach children of all ages how to code, including the Wonder Workshop CleverBots, Ozobots, Ozmo, and many others. Students in Pre-Kindergarten through third grade use iPads in the classroom for both independent and collaborative practice.  Students in fourth and fifth grade are each issued a MacBook laptop, and sixth grade students are all issued iPad Pros with a smart keyboard and stylus for daily classroom use. In fourth through sixth grade classrooms, technology instruction is fully integrated with 1:1 devices and the Google Apps for Education platform.

Munnerlyn Campus

All students in grades 6-12 are required to provide their own computing device for use at school for use during class on a fully wired and WiFi accessible campus. Technology in the classrooms includes wireless access for student devices, interactive smartboards, document cameras, and a flat field audio system for equal sound amplification and dispersion throughout the classroom. The media center provides students with access to printing services and 3D modeling. The robotics lab also has 3D printing capabilities as well as focused instruction and curriculum on robotics. Four dedicated computer labs (two for Computer Science, one for World Languages, and one for Photography) supplement the curricula.

The school offers help with software, textbook, and access issues and offers hardware support for connecting to the school WiFi. The school’s goal is to provide the option of having both the printed and the electronic versions of classroom textbooks. The devices recommended by Episcopal include either a Chromebook, Windows, or Mac-based laptop/notebook. The main factors to consider in purchasing their device include the weight of the device, the battery life, processing speed, and cost. 

Technology is supported by an endowment given by the Magevney family to ensure that students and teachers have access to the best technological tools to support education. The Magevney Endowed Fund for Technology also provides the campus infrastructure to make technology efficient, fast, and safe for our community.