Admissions Staff

1 – Hyde Geisler, Sam

Sam Hyde Geisler ‘00

Director of Admissions
904-396-5751, ext. 1224
Email Sam: [email protected]

Fink, Patti

Patti Fink

Admissions Data Manager
904-396-5751, ext. 1223
Email Patti: [email protected]

Gay, Amy

Amy Gay

Associate Director of Admissions
904-396-5751, ext. 1220
Email Amy: [email protected]

Smith, Robb

Robb Smith ’99

Associate Director of Admissions
Mathematics Instructor
904-396-5751, ext. 1222
Email Robb: [email protected]

Wells, Marcus

Marcus Wells ’90

Director of Financial Aid & Student Transition
Mathematics Instructor
904-396-5751, ext. 1221
Email Marcus: [email protected]

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