New Student Orientation


New Student Orientation Information

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is the best place to find information? 
    • Most answers can be found on the Munnerlyn Campus Parent Resources page at (click the little person in the upper right corner of the website and select Munnerlyn Campus Parent Resources).


  • How will the school communicate with parents and/or students?
    • Email is the primary form of communication. 
    • Text alerts are used for emergency updates. 
    • Two weekly school communications:
      • Wednesday: Community e-News (campus highlights, alumni stories, etc.), sent to all ESJ constituents (parents, alumni, grandparents, faculty/staff)
      • Friday: The Insider - sent to current parents only - campus specific information and to-do’s (registrations, event information, etc.)


  • Will we have extra-curricular activities this fall?
    • Please refer to the COVID Operations Plan for the latest on these policies.
Drop-Off and Pick-Up
  • We have students in Middle School and Upper School - do we have to drop-off and pick-up separately? 
    • No, everyone can be dropped off and picked up at either the Middle School or Upper School Circle. Please just be sure to agree as a family which location that will be. 

  • Where do you go if your student is late or needs to leave early?
    • If arriving late, please report to the Welcome Center for Health Check and to get a tardy pass. If your child is leaving early, please contact Attendance by 9:00 a.m. ([email protected] or call 904.396.7104).

  • Are carpool tags given for pick up? What about parent parking decals?
    • No, we do not use carpool tags. Students are responsible for watching for their cars and loading along the sidewalk. Faculty and staff will assist with the pick up process.
    • Parent parking decals were distributed during New Student Orientation. If your child did not bring them home for you, please reach out to their advisor. 


  • How do we sign up for/pay for lunch?
    • Lunch is included in tuition and part of the ESJ experience - no sign up or additional payment required.

  • What options does ESJ have for students with food allergies?
    • Download the Touch of Sage App. This allows you to identify food allergies and sort the daily offerings accordingly.

  • Are breakfast and/or packaged snacks included in tuition?
    • Breakfast and snacks are not included in tuition. Breakfast and snacks may be purchased at the Buck and Campus Store and charged to a student’s account.

  • What do Middle School students do during Upper School lunch?
    • MS activities (clubs and unstructured, supervised time) will take place during US lunch.
  • Can students eat outside for lunch? If so, what happens when it rains?
    • Students will be given very specific instructions on where to eat lunch. In the event of rain, students will be given instructions on indoor areas to eat lunch.


My BackPack
  • Is there an online directory for families and faculty/staff?
    • Yes, you can access directories via the Parent Resources page on the ESJ website (


  • I haven't received any paper billing statements - how do I know how much I owe?
    • My BackPack > My Accounts > View and Print Statements or View and Pay Balance
Daily Schedule
  • Where do I find the daily bell schedule and rotation? 

  • How much pass time is there between classes?
    • The schedule is structured without passing time to encourage students to move directly from one class to the next. Students in grades 6 - 9 are encouraged to visit their locker before their first class, after advisory, after lunch and at the end of the school day.


  • Can students still make changes to their schedule?
    • It is unlikely, however specific questions should be directed to Division Heads:

  • How many students are in advisory?
  • Advisory averages between 10 - 14 students.

  • Average section size? 
    • The average is 17. Each space is adjusted accordingly for optimal occupancy for distancing. 
  • Technology orientation for students?
    • Students will have a technology orientation as part of New Student Orientation. Ongoing support will be available through the advisor, teachers and technology office.

  • What apps will need to be loaded? Will I need to unblock from parental controls?
    • There are no longer required apps. Students are required to use Google Classroom, which is accessible through any web browser on a tablet or laptop.

  • Recommended computing device?
    • The devices recommended by Episcopal include either a Chromebook, Windows, or Mac-based laptop/notebook. 
    • The main factors to consider in purchasing their device include the weight of the device, the battery life, processing speed, and cost. 
    • For students entering Middle School, a Chromebook is strongly recommended as the student’s first campus device. It is a cost effective option and its processing power and computing capabilities will last through the student’s time at Episcopal. 
    • Students may use tablets - it is recommended to have a keyboard and case for these devices. 
    • Additional Tech FAQs Here

  • Will students have their own email account?
    • Yes, students received their login credentials during New Student Orientation. Email is a primary channel for communication, so students must get in the habit of checking their own email. 
Books & Supplies
  • Supply list location?
    • Supply lists for Middle School students can be found on the website under Parent Resources.
    • Upper School students should be getting information from teachers related to any required supplies. 

  • Will there be grade penalties for forgetting books/supplies?
    • Teachers will give lots of grace to students as they learn to navigate this school year. If this continues to be a persistent challenge, the student’s advisor and/or teachers will connect with the student and parents as needed to troubleshoot.
  • Can shorts be purchased from anywhere or uniform shorts?
    • Shorts may be purchased from anywhere. They must be black, khaki or gray and have a 7-inch inseam. 


  • Can girls wear skorts?
    • Yes, same rules as shorts. 

  • Chapel shirts are on backorder. What should my son wear on Chapel days?
  • Students may wear polos until their Chapel shirts arrive.

  • What are the shoe requirements?
  • Can we still sign up for ESJ Transportation in the morning and/or afternoons? 


    • For additional transportation questions, contact Bill Stack, Transportation Supervisor, at [email protected]


Contact the Admissions Office at 904.396.7104 or [email protected].