Alumni Class Representatives

Episcopal’s Alumni Class Representatives serve as a liaison between the School and his or her class. The Class Representative's primary responsibility is to contribute their time, thought, and energy to creating a lasting connection between their classmates and Episcopal.  If you are interested in becoming an Alumni Class Representative, please contact the alumni office.

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Heather Newman Johnson ’90
Director of Alumni Relations

Class Representatives by Year

Class of 1971

Mary Tucker Fouraker
Patty Anderson Ubbens

Class of 1972

Brad Berg
Julia Sontag Daze

Class of 1973

Craig Hamilton
Alan Moore
Becky Vodrey

Class of 1974

Alan Almand
Skip Booth

Class of 1976

Lanier Drew
Wendy Dickinson LaPrade
Kristy Olson Miller

Class of 1977

Francine Andia Walker

Class of 1980

Whatley Law

Class of 1982

Rick Alexander
Cris Scott Tennant

Class of 1983

Jane Loop Pomar

Class of 1986

Julie McFall Batson
Laura Green

Class of 1988

Heather Rainey Moseley

Class of 1989

Jeff Bryan

Class of 1990

Jennnifer Stopiak Hayes
Katherine Donahoo Nott

Class of 1991

Liza Barnett
Cristi Peterson Skeels

Class of 1992

Cara Freeman Bowyer
Amy Burrows Perkins

Class of 1993

Carmen Sacerio Chartrand

Class of 1994

Mary Lanier Cook
Kerri Cannon Napoleon
John Naugle

Class of 1995

Anne Marie Forbes Hulsey

Class of 1996

Tiffany Kidd Post

Class of 1997

Tasha Nickodem Stevens

Class of 1998

Charles Chunn
Kyle McClung
Julie Wiggins Sorenson

Class of 1999

Jorge Oliver
Kevin Vaughn
Emily Humphries Wise

Class of 2000

William Milne
Eddy Oliver
Graham Riley

Class of 2003

Beth Anne Frost

Class of 2004

Baker Berg
Hampton Graham

Class of 2005

Carley Glasser
Leigh Black Israel

Class of 2006

Lesley Marchman Gittings
Darren Zeigler

Class of 2007

Justin Davis
Ashley Helmick
Katharyn Smith Woods

Class of 2008

Peter Blumeyer
Brad McCollum

Class of 2009

Corey Jackson
Emily Lewis

Class of 2010

MacKenzie Ball
David Drew
Lee Haramis
Deanna Thornton

Class of 2011

Francesca Mantay
Mickey Simmons

Class of 2012

Keegan Ball
Mary Dudley Lee
Tracy Thompson

Class of 2013

Elizabeth Daw
Caroline Oakley
Cutler Renard
Phoebe Stephens

Class of 2014

John Michael Currie
Natalie Lewis
Richie Mullaney
Sid Yarlagadda

Class of 2015

Lawrence Sims
Collin Walker

Class of 2016

Laurel Lee

Class of 2017

Davis Cury
Caroline Still

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