Episcopal's mission is to provide
"doers of good" to the world.

Servant Leadership

One of Episcopal’s founding principles is the imperative that the school prepares students for a lifetime of Christian leadership and service to others. Our service opportunities promote the development of responsible leaders who value citizenship and community.

Our ties to the Episcopal Church integrate the ideals of equity, justice, and a just society throughout the life of the school. Through servant leadership opportunities, our students learn to humbly serve others. Celebrating Service Day, held each year, epitomizes the school’s mission – to provide for and love others through action and a selfless investment of time and resources.

While we require community service hours of every graduate, the 100-hour requirement is often exceeded by the time students are seniors. Student-run clubs, Touring Day for Fine Arts, sports-team specific projects and Celebrating Service Day are only a few of the opportunities available for those with a passion for servant leadership.