Our learning opportunities
extend far beyond the classroom

Our Four Pillars

Episcopal is built on Four Pillars – academics, spiritual life, fine arts and athletics. These focuses encourage personal development in every aspect of our students' lives. The school's emphasis on balance between these four pillars is unique in Northeast Florida.


Students are challenged to explore the depths of their intellectual curiosity and their own spirituality. Through the Harkness method, honors and AP courses, customized learning, and a student-centered class schedule, Episcopal is an academically rigorous environment supported by the best professional staff and faculty.

Spiritual Life

The Episcopal experience is framed by the understanding that spiritual growth is an essential part of personal growth. We require our students to think critically, accepting that knowledge of the world and knowledge of God are eternally intertwined. All members of the Episcopal community are expected to uphold and respect the dignity of every human being.

Fine Arts

Participating in the arts is an integral part of an Episcopal education. Fine Arts programs allow students to explore, develop, perform and share their talent under the guidance of faculty and staff who are all professional artists.


Athletics at Episcopal strive to instill the tools necessary to succeed in athletics and in life, including dedication, leadership, sportsmanship and teamwork. Our teams annually compete for district, regional, and state championships. A no-cut policy at the Middle School level allows every Episcopal student the experience of competing for our teams.