Healthy minds, healthy bodies.

Pastoral Care and Counseling Services

Episcopal offers pastoral and counseling services for students, faculty, and staff which are confidential and available on campus. Episcopal recognizes that growth, learning, and a vibrant campus life can only exist in an environment that is welcoming, safe, open, and inclusive.

The school’s faculty and staff, pastoral care, and counseling services, as well as its safety and security department, work closely together to ensure a campus setting on which students feel safe to explore their passions and pursue their personal goals, to grow, and to be themselves as they prepare for life beyond secondary school.

Campus Security

Episcopal continually works to review and implement safety and security procedures, including ongoing training of security personnel, increasing the number of emergency drills, enhancing 911 notification capabilities throughout campus, increasing awareness of visitor policies, formalizing relationships with local law enforcement, and improving and enhancing the Crisis Management & Communications Plan and the Emergency Response Plan. Physical security measures are in place throughout the campus.


We believe food matters because it provides the fuel that sustains our students in the classroom each day and throughout their extracurricular activities. Our dining program offers a wide variety of freshly prepared food along with low to no calorie beverage options that allow our students to enjoy a nutritious experience.  Breakfast is offered each morning. Students can enjoy lunch outside by or in the Buck Student Center. They can also eat at picnic tables overlooking the St. Johns River. Middle School and Upper School have separate lunch periods.

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