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AP Drawing Portfolio Senior Spotlight: Leah Williams 

The AP Drawing Portfolio is an intensive course, requiring students to produce art at the college level. Students compile a portfolio of 24-29 original artworks demonstrating mastery in composition, technique, and concept. Twelve of those pieces explore a common idea called a concentration. 

“Leah Williams loves the creative process. She can work quickly, her skills in observation and understanding of the acrylic painting process are evident,” said Rebecca Hoadley, Visual Arts instructor. “She spends hours finding the perfect reference and then painting and repainting until she gets the happy, energetic look that motivates her everyday life. It’s amazing to see!”

 Leah, what is the current central idea of your concentration?

A smile goes a long way, even from someone you may not know. These portraits are of people who have affected my life for the better, these moments are ones of happiness and joy. My hope is that when you look at them, you can feel that same joy that they were feeling. I also believe that this doesn’t just go for people you know and it doesn’t have to be in a painting. It is one of my favorite feelings when you are walking down the street and pass someone you don’t know who you share a smile with. It leads me to believe that even though you may not know someone or even have anything in common with them, it is in these little moments that you realize how blessed you are. A smile goes a long way, and especially when you are feeling down, a simple smile from a stranger can make someone’s day and have them realize all of the good in life.

How does the work in your concentration demonstrate the exploration of your idea?

My artwork tries to translate people who are in the little moments of joy and laughter, resonating with the viewer by using bright and vivid colors along with a loose figurative interpretation. Specifically, in my “Liv” painting, a girl is lying on her side in the sun, smiling as if she were in mid-laugh. I have used warm colors to parallel with her emotions and the painterly style of the broken up brush strokes help to translate a loose and free feeling.

Annual Chemistry “Fudge-Off” Winners

Students in honors chemistry have just completed a unit on stoichiometry, the study of mass relationships in chemical reactions.  Culminating their study, students worked in groups of three or four during their class period to prepare the perfect fudge.  Students were instructed to follow the fudge recipe on the marshmallow creme jar, but they were permitted to add… Continue Reading

Exam Week – Beaches Area Transportation Schedule

For regular riders of Episcopal’s Beaches Area Transportation Service, and students who may want to use the buses for individual rides during exam week, please see the bus schedule below: Exam Week: December 17 – December 21 From Beaches Areas to Episcopal Buses will depart the Beaches Episcopal pick-up location at 7:00 a.m. then stop… Continue Reading

College Counseling Attends College Fine Arts Events, Visits Pennsylvania Area Schools

Associate Director of College Counseling Julie Carter recently returned from a trip to the Philadelphia area. While there she attended National Portfolio Day, an event held in cities across the U.S. to provide high school students with an opportunity to meet with representatives from a wide range of college art programs to receive valuable feedback… Continue Reading

26th Ninth Grade Orientation Adventure Trip Returns

Campers, counselors and adults on the 26th annual ninth grade orientation adventure to Unicoi State Park enjoyed the sunshine and breezes in North Georgia last week. Just as in past years, students learned interesting facts about plants, animals and the environment; they did things that seemed a bit dangerous; they tried things that they had never… Continue Reading

Fine Arts Instructor Rebecca Hoadley Wins Guardian Award

At Senior Honors Convocation Friday morning, Fine Arts instructor Rebecca Hoadley was named the 2018 Guardian Award winner. Ms. Hoadley was nominated by senior Sophie Grimsley. The Guardian Gift was created by Bill and Theresa Dahl to honor an Episcopal teacher or staff member whose mentoring and positive influence has made a lasting impact on… Continue Reading

So-So Seafood

By: Kiara Revels ’18 You’ve probably seen this vibrant, yellow restaurant in San Marco that has taken the place of Pizza Palace. As an avid-seafood lover, I was super excited to review this place, as there isn’t another seafood grill that I know of near school. Sid and Linda’s on Atlantic and Kernan is the… Continue Reading

Nutrition for the Teenage Athlete: Boosters Meeting December 8

Join the Episcopal Boosters on December 8 in the Gooding Boardroom at 8:15 for the group’s monthly meeting.  At 9:00 a.m. Holly Pudwill and Amanda Ranney will discuss Nutrition for the Teenage Athlete.  With so many conflicting ideas on how to fuel our athletes knowing what resources are available is always helpful.    Holly Pudwill,… Continue Reading

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