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Obituary: Barbara Bush

By: Inés Eisenhour ’19

Succeeding the popular Nancy Reagan seemed a daunting task, her exciting sense of White House glamour and showmanship required a fearlessly strong presence in its wake. Barbara Bush lived up to the task in the most humble, unanticipated way. Her matter-of-fact attitude and her relatability brought her close to the American public. A three strand faux-pearl necklace jumpstarted what would become one of the most loving and realistic relationships between a First Lady and her country since Eleanor Roosevelt. Mrs. Bush was always described as “feisty and full of life”, with her energy directed towards the protection and service of her family and country. Her legacy includes the reputable Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy and the revitalized White House Historical Fund. Her dedication and love will keep her forever known as America’s Grandmother. Bush died on April 17, 2018.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Being Vegan At ESJ

By: Kiki Revels ’18 I first decided to go vegan after being on and off of a dairy-free and pescatarian diet. So far it has been around two and a half months, and I really enjoy it and feel great! Though I’m sure there aren’t many other students who are vegan, for the few who… Continue Reading

Spring Break

By: Nial Murphy ’20 Spring break had finally arrived. A week filled with school spirit and school events concluded with the talent show, which signaled the beginning of spring break. During the talent show, students showcased their various talents for the final school related activity before the break. Students had the opportunity to kick back… Continue Reading

ESJ Walkout Speeches

By: Courtney Crawford ’18 As a member of the Episcopal community, but also as someone who keeps up with the news on a state and national level, I (and a handful of other students) felt the need to recognize the event that occurred in Parkland, Florida a little over a month and a half ago.… Continue Reading

Honoring The Life Of Linda Brown

By: Inés Eisenhour ’19 On March 25, Linda Brown died in her hometown of Topeka, Kansas at the age of 76. Her name is immortalized in the Brown vs. Board of Education Supreme Court case of 1954. As an elementary school student, she walked across railroad tracks and took a bus despite the nice school… Continue Reading

ESJ Springs Into Quarter 4

By: Gracie Guy ’19 Students crowded the hallways Monday morning wearing different college t-shirts to celebrate March Madness. Students also participated in a competitive game of knock out, in hopes of placing a spot in the final competition would take place at Thursday’s pep rally. Students decked out in neon and galaxy styled clothing on… Continue Reading

Proust Questionnaire: Christopher Carney

Christopher Carney ‘19 Hometown: Jacksonville, FL Interview by: Inés Eisenhour ’19 This interview has been modified and modeled after Vanity Fair’s Proust Questionnaire. The purpose of the questionnaire is to delve into the qualities that define an individual’s personality. My Thursday guest is none other than my very first friend at ESJ. We started in Mr.… Continue Reading

True Madness

By: Sara Himebauch ’18 March. The month sports fans all around the country look forward to after the National Championship football game and after the Super Bowl. It is one of the most exhilarating and devastating tournaments in collegiate sports, depending on what team you are cheering for. Brackets are filled out as soon as… Continue Reading

New Tutoring Program Sure To Be A Success

By: Jack Barksdale ’19 This year, as its semestral service project, Episcopal’s National Honor Society chapter has created a program that is sure to benefit all involved by taking on a more long-term project. The NHS Tutoring Program will coordinate tutors for many of Episcopal’s most rigorous courses. The catch? Tutors will be fellow Episcopal… Continue Reading

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