The responsibilities of an Episcopal teacher go far beyond grading tests and teaching the curriculum. It is a commitment by the administration as well as the faculty and staff of the School to continue being life-long learners, not only in their subject area but also in the methodology they bring to their classroom.


Professional Development

State and national accreditation require that independent schools maintain a strong professional development program to keep teachers current on a wide variety of issues. Episcopal strives to uphold and exceed those standards by providing a diverse yet relevant set of opportunities that supplement a teacher’s academic foundation.

Funding is generously provided by the Board of Trustees and the Episcopal Fund to support the faculty and staff in this mission. A professional development committee reviews and organizes many of the available in-house opportunities. In addition, opportunities outside of the School, including online classes, enable faculty and staff to garner information and ideas from other professionals in the field.

Professional Development Applications for Funding:

Florida Certified Faculty

Non-Certified Faculty

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