Gift Club Donors to Episcopal - Episcopal gratefully acknowledges the following donors for their gift during the 2019-2020 school year in support of The Episcopal Fund, restricted funds, endowment, and pledge payments to the capital campaign.

Chris and John Smith have been members of the Episcopal community for ten years.  They are parents to Speakman ’17 and Julian ’21. Christine and John are members of The 1966 Society of loyalty donors. While a student, Speakman ’17 was an avid swimmer, winning the Coaches Award in 2014-2015, 2015-2016, and 2016-2017.  He was captain of the Varsity swim team in 2016-2017 and was a member of the Student Government. Speakman is currently attending Howard University where he is a member of the men's swim team. Julian ’21 is also a swimmer, serving as captain of the Varsity swim team in 2019-2020. He is a member of the National Junior Honor Society and served on the Vestry.  Chris is a Director at Baptist Heart Hospital and John is a Pharmacist for CVS Pharmacy. 

Marla and Geddes Anderson
Bobbie Anding '70
Kari and Richard Barron
Donna and Raymond Bateh
Susan and Michael Batten
Deborah Roberts-Berry and Dave Berry
Carina Santalucia and Kevin Blalock
Ann and Marc Blatt
Chrissy and Pat Bodin
Tamara and Jeff Bogan
Sandy and Bill Bond
Kelly and Bill Buckingham '78
Jennie Trimble Busey '97 and Brooks Busey '95
Charles and Rushton Haskell Callaghan '82
Capital Dimensions Wealth Management
Caterina and Hugh Caron
Shelly and Mike Cavendish
Megha and Amit Chokshi
Christ Episcopal Church
Kelli and Charles Chunn '98
Jenny and Kevin Cook
Maria and Jeff Cornell
Muffett and John Corse
Peter and Jill Langford Dame '74
Margarita Vendrell and Ignacio Diaz
Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP
Jennifer and Tommy Donahoo '84
Leandra and Abe Dopazo
Dopazo Orthodontics
Phil Gibbs and Lanier Drew '76
Elizabeth and Patrick Dussinger
Lauren and Jay Fant '86
Ann and Terry Farmand
Anna and Jon Farrin
Cecy and Paul Fazio
Lori and Marc Fields
Debbie and Pete Gunnlaugsson
Allyson and Ed Hall
Madeleine and Randy Hamel
Bruce Hayden '70
Justin and Karen Nelson Hill '74
Ejo Fox and Guy Hillyer '74
Michelle and Jim Horning
Susan and John Humes
Deborah and Steve Hyers
Valeria and Bruce Jackson '79
Melinda and Hardee Kavanaugh '94
Jerry Kimbrough '74
Katie and Peter Kirill
Marilynn and Don Kohla
Janet and Ron Kolar
Jennifer and Aaron Latta
Karin and Scott Linn
Charlotte and Brian Logullo
Hal Lynch
Deirdre MacCarthy
Lauren Dupree Mahoney '76
Jennifer and Michael Mayo
Lucy and Andy McCain '80
Dede McGehee '74
Bitty McRae
Teresa and Vance Meyer
Murphy & Anderson, P.A.
Alina and Manuel Oliver
Cristina and Eddy Oliver '00
Jenny and Lee Oreair
Nancy Parks
Lee and Chuck Prizzia
Josh Putterman
Cyndi and Bill Rabil
Frank Reneke '76
Richard L Oreair & Company
Sandy and Webster Riggs
Christy and Jeff Rosen
Amy and Bill Russell
Sue and Peter Sabo
Lauren and Rick Seibler
Julie and Dave Shapiro
Judy and Taylor Smith
Specialty Freight & Courier
Robin and Don St. Denis '80
Alice and Richard Stratton
Arial Taylor
Patricia and Michael Taylor
The Sheik Sandwiches and Subs
Jackie and Ryan Uitti
Bea and Claudio Varella
Varella Endodontics
Kathryn and Kristian Villano
Jennifer and John Waldrop
Tommy Walter
Terry and Lon Walton '77
Rupal and Sidney Wells '91
Crystal and Samule Wilson
Patty and Bob Ziomek
Advanced Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery
Holly and Will Allen '93
Heidi and Tom Anderson
Garlene and Mike Atcherson
Leslie and John Atchison
Katie McArthur Athey '00 and Whit Athey '94
Russell and Mary Burke Baker '93
Angela and David Barker
Susie and Michael Bateh
Liz and Vance Berry '05
Daniel Blanchard
Bono's Pit Bar-B-Q of North Florida
Kathryn and Edwin Branch
Suzanne and Jason Burhyte '93
Jackie and David Busse
Cal-Tech Testing, Inc.
Karen and Joe Camerlengo
William Campbell †
Paige and Scott Cattin
Cavendish Partners P.A.
CED Technologies
Emmy and Frank Cerveny
Tami and Ben Clark
Judy and Keith Clausen
Whitney and Charles Cobb '83
Melissa and Patrick Coll
Leelee and Kevin Conklin
Sarah and J.J. Conners
Barham and Mary Lanier Cook '94
Margy and Dean Coscia
Carole and Dale Daniel
Erica and Justin D'Arienzo
D'Arienzo Psychology
deAnne and Chris DeLeon
Debbie and Tom Deppe
Leslie and Carlton DeVooght '90
Jim and Susannah Clarke Doherty '89
Dunlap, Ravis & Miller
Earth Works Design & Maintenance, Inc.
Robin and David Edwards
Micci and Will Ellis
Barbara English
Duncan Ennis '70
Pam and Sunday Ero
Tricia Sanchez-Salazar Fechtel '80 and Mark Fechtel '81
Carol Fitzgerald
Jennifer and Chris Flakus
Kathleen and Samuel Foley
Gina and Ruple Galani
GameTruck Jacksonville
Heather and Lane Gardner
Gate River Run
Tabitha and Hal Gatewood
Amy and Kevin Gay
Kim and Jim Gleaton
David and Annie Hughes Goldfield '86
Becky and Steve Goldwasser
Kim and Dan Goodman
Carol and Clark Hamilton '73
Kae and Al Harding
Michelle and Andy Harold
Jennifer Highsmith '05
Vicki Mein Hinton '70
Diane and Peter Hoyt
Missie and Kelly Hoyt
Christine and Victor Hughes '93
Shannon and Jay Huie
Mark and Frances Poitevent Hutto '88
George and Leigh Elizabeth Black Israel '05
Crystal and Ershod Jasey
Mary Lyn and T.F. Jenkins
Christopher and Heather Newman Johnson '90
Wendy and Tom Johnston †
Nandita and Kevin Jones
Amber and Sean Junker
Beth and Michael Kirwan '81
Nancy and Dick Kohler
Michelle and Bill Laird
Emily and William Magevney '00
Laura and Michael Magevney '87
Kirsten and Josh Martino
Cynthia and Major May
Ingrid and Pete McCawley
Brian McCollum '09
Diane and Jerry McCoy
Cindy Harris and Scott McMillan
Sarah Taylor and Tom McMillan
Cathy and Joe McQuade
Julie and Dean McQuiddy
Jillian and Matthew Medure
Leigh Anne and William Milne '00
Cynthia and Jim Montgomery
Heather Rainey Moseley '88 and Jim Moseley '80
Kelly and Pat Murphy
Nick and Kerri Cannon Napoleon '94
Kim and Jeff Nelson
Peggy and Dade Nigro
North Florida Oral & Facial Surgery, P.A.
Elena and Jorge Oliver '99
Elissa and Tim Orr
Connie and Russ Pecoraro
Jake Rakestraw
Donna and Bill Reed
Carolyn and Gerald Reid
Revolution Prep
Ashley and Jay Robinson '90
Natalie and Mark Rosenberg
Entrice and Marcus Rowe
Angie and Michael Rukab
Jamie Russo '97
Scout & Molly's Boutique
Schelon and Paul Seefeld
Shannon Shea '89
Misty and Michael Skipper
Beverly and Tim Sleeth
Leigh and Barney Smith
Nick and Amanda Farmand Smith '01
Clarinda and Doug Solomon
Kristin and Jon Spickelmier
Dawn and Patrick Stratton
Amy Duguid and John Summerlin
Lisa and Stewart Taylor
Tamara and Eric Taylor
Ed and Cris Scott Tennant '82
Denise Thomas
Elizabeth and Charles Thomas
Faith and Matthew Thomas
Danese and Carl Tremble
Lori and Mike Trobaugh
United States District Court
Heather Visali '94
Megan and Phil Visali
Steven and Amy Harris Wacaster '94
Julie and Samuel Wartell
Anne and Joe Waryold
WE Insure Group, Inc.
Norm Wein
Heather and Justin Weldon
Caroline and Steve Werber '83
Eugenia Westbrook
Cornelia and Donald Williamson
David Woods
Terry Rodriguez-Yip and Dan Yip
Gwen and William Armstrong
Dana and Scott Baldwin '86
Chris and Jeff Bankston
Renee and Abe Bateh
Lynne Bebout
Peter and Rachel Gatz Berkowitz '88
Shannon and Ed Bisher
Michelle and Ken Black
Peter Blumeyer '08
Beverly Bonaparte
Bill and Lyn Partridge Breda '76
Paula and Tom Brice
Mica Smarse and Robert Brown
Jenny and Mike Brumback
Janet and Kevin Buford
Whitney Butler
Ashley and Andy Carroll
Patricia Carroll '78
Joan Carver
Shannon Chaffin
Wei Lu and Yuemin Chen
Ana Chindris
Stacy and Todd Chupp
Sandy and Andrew Clarke
Marie and Scott Cleary
Coastline Federal Credit Union
Julie and Kevin Cofran
Lori and Kevin Conner
Laura and Clark Coogan
Sarah and Tim Crass
Fred David '03
Bur Davis '76
Heather and Matt Davis
Julie and Tommy Davis '74
Julia Sonntag Daze '72 and Doug Daze '72
Gena and John Delaney
Andrew Deskins
Brenda and Mike deVaux
Michelle and Bruno Do Amaral
Celeste and Leonard Dodrill
Michele and Bill Doro
Scott and Heather Halliburton Douglas '94
Anita and Bill Dunford
Megan and Donnie Edwards
Katie and Darryl Elksnis
Dan and Dorothy Legler Fasbinder '87
Melissa and Doug Fenton
Pat and Bob Ferkenhoff
Mary Ann and Bill Forrester '76
Stewart and Anders Forsbrand
Joanna and Adam Frantz
Crystal and Michael Freed
Kimberly Hyatt and Jane Freedman
Joanna Frost
Siyi Yao and Luguang Gao
Jennifer and Tim Gatz '86
Leslie and Darren Glenn '91
Dee and Roger Gober
James and Sara Burnett Granberry '99
Stacey and Gary Gray
Darion Green
Hanaa and Samir Habashi
Jessie and Holt Harrell
Joseph and Sunny Turner Hartigan '88
John Haug '99
Ashley Helmick '07
Doug Henning
Keelen and Matt Henson
Natalie and West Herford
Kara and Tony Hicks
Beth Collins Himes and Steve Himes
Meredith Wachtel Hines '90 and Ed Hines '80
Scott and Carson Scheppe Hobby '91
Christy and Michael Hodges
Thanh and Jonathan Hogan
Helen Searcy Holmberg '70 and Eric Holmberg '74
Jenn Rood Hoover '01 and Ryan Hoover '00
Laura Hutson '91
Marilyn and Robin Hyde
Claire and Stuart Irving
Neff Jenkins
Traci and Mark Jenks
Brenda and Tom Johnson
Cynthia and Mike Jones
Paul Jorgensen '07
Jeanie and David Keener
Sarah and Doug Knowles
Rosa De Jorio and Bert Koegler
Stephanie and Joe Kohla
Julia and Pete Komaroski
Kona Ice of Jacksonville
Paula and John Kowkabany
Helen and Scott Laseter '80
Dana and Matt Laurie
Tom Lavelle
Patrick and Cheryl Farmand Leddy '97
Ben Leer
Chip and Nicole Clemons Lewis '97
Diane and Dan Libera
Carolyn and Stephen Light
Angie and Wade Lindsey '89
Carol and David Lombardo
Beth and Don Lucchesi
Allison and Joel Luker
Jennifer and Matt Maggiore
Jill Mahaffey '74
Nancy Mahon
Randall and Anna Sadler Mann '08
Rhonda C. Mann
Suela and Al Mansur
Tiffany and Harry Massey
Heidi and Mark Matey
Christy and Beau Maurer
Sarah and Bart McClure
Katie and Brad McCollum '08
Linda and Rick McCombs
Kristin McCormack
Tamara McCoy
Paige and Chris McGee
Rebecca and Jon McKinney
Lucy and Phil Messana
Tammy Meyer
Ana and Anthony Micolucci
Molly and Matt Miles
Louise and Tim Monahan
Brian Monroe
James and Mary Liz Ware Moore
Michelle and Alex Moore
Beth and Tom Morris
Stephanie and Ellis Morris
Perrin and Tom Murray
Chanda and Jon Napier
Jake and Stacy duPont Nash '88
Laurie and John Naugle '94
Melissa and Jason Nelson
Alex Nichols
Laura and Eric Nord
Carey and Brad Officer
Tanya Hunter and Wade Olszewski
Whitney Oren '72
Christie and Aaron Osborne
Connie and Jim Overton
Kristen and Don Packard
Dendy and Rallis Pappas
Sarah and Brian Parent
David Paulk '05
Mike and Jennifer Johnston Perkins '89
Stacey and Sil Perrella
Shannon and Clay Perry
Dana and Travis Peterson
Mary Pietan
Molly Helms Pina '88 and Ted Pina '88
Beth and Gregory Poe
Marian and Rip Poitevent
Nancy and Brian Prendergast
Katherine and Chris Rabil
Kathy and Rick Ramsey
Jenny Drummond Ream '96 and John Ream '96
John Regan '94
Fiki and Wes Revels
Lisa and Mark Rinaman
Donna and Tim Ritch
Annette and Lew Ritter
Donna Rocco
Debbie and Jonathan Rogers '76
Adrienne and Willson Ropp '80
Lindsay and Nicky Runnels
Ann and George Sabbag
Melissa and Ed Salek
Dina and George Sayar
Teresa and Keith Seagle
Everette and Kristen Schmidt Seay '92
Natalie Ortiz and Jim Servis
Robyn and Andre Sessoms
Elaine Adams and Behrooz Seyed-Abbassi
Rita and George Shalley
Kimberly and Scott Sheppard
Su and Dave Siebert
Rebecca and Matthew Simpson
Art Small '93
Chris and John Smith
Donna and David Smith
Jenny and Brian Smith
Jordan and Robb Smith '99
Lisa and Russ Smith
Susan and Darrell Smith
Tommy and Molly Wood Snow '74
Katherine Snyder
Ann Speyerer
Allison and Trip Stanly '89
Amy and Russ Stapleton
Robert Stephenson
Sharon and Bob Stevens
Samantha and Joe Stokes
Brandi and Dom Strada
Bridgett and Chip Stroud
Chris and Haley Tanner Stuart '00
Catherine and Sam Swingle
Sofie and Thomas Swinnen
Anu Murthy and Amrish Tandon
Ronald Taylor
Suzanne and Wade Taylor
Jaynorris and Stacy Byrd Thomas '07
Jane and Tracy Thompson
Bryce Tiller
Christen and Frank Trogolo
Tropical Smoothie Cafe
Sue and Lonnie Turner †
Diane and David Tuttle
Liz and Paul Van Brunt
Scott and Stephanie Paulk Van Pelt '02
Amanda Vanjaria
Brenda and Chris Vermillion '87
Gwinn and Paul Volen
Finley and Chris White
Melissa and Carleton Wilkins
Gloria and Lee Wintrode
Alison and Danny Witkovich
Amy and Greg Wong
Jason Worley
Michelle and Jonathan Wright
Charlie and Jeff York
Xiaomin Ni and Yunkun Zeng
Gail and Charley Zimmer
Brooks Abbott
Trey Abney '12
Jeannie and Jorge Acevedo
Dawn Adams
Dane Addison '07
Brandi and Magnus Akerstrom
Sam and Liz DeSaussure Akiky '78
Rick Alexander '82
Lucia Allen
Sarah Allen '18
Megan Altman '16
Mike Alton
Sandra Alton
Stephanie Alton
Caroline Anderson '18
Kerry Anderson '93
Alden Andrews '20
Leah and Lee Andrews
Crystal and Marc Apostol
Ann and Graham Arceneaux
Deesa Armstrong '95
Tyler Armstrong '16
Peyton Ashcraft '16
Shawn Asmuth
Riley Atkinson '14
Sharon and Rip Atkinson
Andrew Austin '16
Judy and Sandy Avent '73
Rae and Chip Avery
Emily Bailey '14
Beverly Baker
Jeremiah Ball '16
Keegan Ball '12
AJ and Lindsay Duttera Baltozer '95
Krissy and Daniel Barkas
Claudette and Dick Barker
Jack Barksdale '19
Amy and Jason Barringer
Jarrod Barsamian '05
John and Alison Montgomery Bartz '78
Alec Basham '16
Allison Bast '16
Angela and David Bast
Chandler Bateh '19
Taylor Bateh '17
Diane Bates
Marti Baugh
Max Baumer '08
Michelle Baxter '07
Leia and Reed Beaubouef
Amy and Zan Beaver
Karen and Ned Becker
Ellen and Steve Begley
Phil and Hayden Dyer Behnke '78
Keenan Bell '16
Melissa and Ernst Bell
Michael and Penny Cummings Bell '76
Trey Bell '19
Maureen and Mark Bennett
Charlie Berg '10
Elizabeth and Baker Berg '04
Alec Berrier '17
Matt Betancourt '00
Arveen Bhasin
Catherine and Michael Bird '85
Jane Birk '16
Kelli Hook Bissell '98
Lori and Mike Bittner
Katie Lebhar Black '95
Shanteria Black
Lauren Blasco '16
Randa and Neil Blethyn
Tammy and Bill Bobo
Nancy and Kevin Bodge
Stuart Bodin '19
Barbara and Louis Body
Bitsy and Lou Body
Stacie Bogan
Jametriss Boone
Marcia Booth
Sarah and Michael Borns
Andrew Boselli '16
Tom and Valerie Pearch Bow '79
Jason and Cara Freeman Bowyer '92
Andrea Boyd
Jefferson Brant
Prescott Braude '10
Jami and Jack Broekema
Anna and Dave Brosche
Helen Brown
Pat Brown
Stephanie and Christopher Brown
Mike Brozowski
Joyce and George Brumback
Stacy and Mark Brunell
Tina and Michael Bryan
Christa Bryant †
Mimi and Jimmy Bryant
Jennifer and Chet Buchanon
Paul and Jami Gaff Bueker '90
Kathleen Bullock
Ronnie and Carl Burak
William Burgstiner '08
Marcia and David Bush
Karen and James Buxton
Dan and Lyn Athearn Callahan '78
Dan Candeto '02
Michael Candeto '72
Barbara and Kin Cannon
Brett and Brooks Fraleigh Cannon '97
Susie and Mike Canon
Duffy and Chris Carlson '75
Gabby Carlson '18
Kirsten Doolittle and Pat Carney
Gabi Carter '19
Jared Carter '16
Julie Carter
Ronnie Carter
Tonya and Glenn Carter
Hilary and James Case
Krystyn and Matt Case
Brandee and Paul Charles
Joyce and Ed Charron
Kelly and Matt Charron '87
Emmie and David Chase
Chris Chenot '05
Sean Chenot '11
Teri and Ron Chenot
Conor Chepenik '16
Tina Chester
Alice Choi '16
Gloria Gammel Christie '76 and Brad Christie '75
Sarah and Craig Churchill '82
James Cissel '16
Constance Clark
David Clark '16
Simone Clark
Prissie and Teddy Clayman
Lee-Ann and Sean Cleland
Kirk Clews '05
Holly and Peter Cochrane
Allison and Kip Collins
Carolina Collins
Jan and Walter Collins
Deborah Greene and Steven Combs
Margaret Commander '19
Christine and Tim Conner
Gail and Bob Connery
Jennifer Contin
Ben Coogan '18
Bill Cook '90
Carter Cook '16
Kathy and Ken Cook
Tanya and Mark Coomes
Amanda and Collins Cooper '94
Cadee Cooper '19
Caroline Cooper '16
Carolyn and George Cooper
Matt Cooper '19
Brooke Corbin '14
Danielle Corbin '18
Julia Corbin '16
Lili and Jon Corbin
Bianca Cornthwaite '18
Elise Courtney '18
Nick Coutros '19
Greg and Maggie Fish Craddock '87
Angela and Jason Crawford
Polly Crawford '89
Vincenza and Paul Crawford
Donia and Bill Crime
Lisa Crooks
Mac Crotzer '10
Joseph Cullen
Amy and John Cumbow
Matthew Cumella '16
Sarah Cumella '16
John Michael Currie '14
Davis Cury '17
Harry D'Agostino '16
Baylen Dahl '95
Carol and Neil Daraskevich
Candice and Amy Davidson
Justin Davis '07
Ken and Cindy Mire Davis '85
Marcus Davis '16
Caroline Daw '18
Leslie Dawson
Shelly and Luis DeMendoza
Melissa and Jason Dearing '93
John DeBiase
Frances Decker
David DeLeo '16
Christopher Dell
Kim and Frank DeLong
Mike DeLorenzo '16
Lindsey Dempsey '16
Heather and Thomas Denmark
Nick DePeri '19
Suzanna DePeri '16
Kelly and Bill Derr '78
Sue and John DeVault
Susanne Partridge Dickinson '80 and Spencer Dickinson '80
Parker Dickson '16
Scott Dittmer '90
Myeisha Dixon '16
Amy Dodaj '16
Terri and James Dodgen
Scott A. Dollison Jr. '16
Jane Donahoo '18
Libby Donahoo '18
Sande and Bill Doolittle
Marlo Drake
Sophia Draughon '16
David Drew '10
Shannon Driscoll '17
Lauren Driver '19
Lara Westmoreland Duguid
Jenny and David Dulaney
Barbara Duncan '74
Kimberly and John Duncan '70
Sarah Overton Duncan '03
Cathleen and Kurt Dunkle
Cliff Dunn '74
Diane and Robert Dupree '74
Suzanne and Jay Dussinger
Cindy and John Dwyer
Abbe Easton '16
Melissa and Danny Eckles
Amy Graves Edelberg '90 and Erik Edelberg '88
Leland and Tim Edwards
Bill Elder '79
Dana and Nick Elias
Hannah Ellisen '14
Louise Ellisen '16
Hayden Englert '16
David Ertrachter
Irene Eskalis
Andrew Evans and Karen Harris '77
Shari and Tom Evans '70
Lyne and Eric Evanson
Carolyn Ezzell '72
Charles and Susan Tuggle Fairchild '78
Emily and Andy Farmer
Julia and Tirbod Fattahi
Pete Fawcett '79
Glen and Susan Knight Feeley '83
Anthony Felton
Suzanne Friedline Ferber '87
Cary and Carl Ferbrache
Julie and Emmet Ferguson
Terri Ferlisi
Joseph and Alise Key Ferranti '94
Jay Fields
Emily Figueroa '16
Patti Fink
Keena and Kevin Finn
Hunter Fishback '16
Caitlin Fitzpatrick
Matt Flakus
Courtney Flerlage
Cristi and Russell Flint
Gaige Flint '08
Karin and Mason Flint
Marin Flint
Matthew and Caroline Brame Flory '99
Rick Folino
David Folmer
Peggy and John Fox
Leslie and Rocky Fraleigh
Valerie and Brian Francois
Sarah and Bob Franken
Bill and Betsy Frank Fraser '74
Jordan Freeburn
Christie Freel
Catherine and David Friedline '84
Kathryn and Eric Fuller
Noah Fulmer '16
Andrew Furris '12
Branson and Carson Allcorn Fustes '90
Andrew Gabriel '17
Kristina Gabriel
Derek Gaff '87
Emily Galant '14
Flamine Galbraith '90
Jack Gallagher
Joseph Gardner
Michael Gardner
Tricia Gardner
Emily and Stephen Garrett
Nella Gatewood
Erich and Sam Hyde Geisler '00
Allyssa George
Erin and Robert George
Grant Georges '08
Dashaun Gibbons
Isaiah Gibson '16
Staci and Tom Gibson
Semreht Girmay
Anna Gist '16
Scott Givonetti
Cade Glasgow '16
Kinsey Glasgow '16
Jordan Glenn '16
Katie and Ryan Glenn '94
Leah and Spence Glotzbach
Alexander Goldfield '19
Marilynn and Ira Goldfield
Sandy and Scott Gonzalez
Ava Goplerud '16
Ross Govreau '16
Krista Grabher
Mike and Suzanne Weatherford Graham '72
Freddy Greendeer-Dollison '19
Austin Gregory '16
Jonathan Griffin '16
Lea and Henry Griffin
Chris and Jennifer Waugh Griffith '89
Mike and Meg Sisk Grimes '93
Nick Grimsley '18
Sophie A. Grimsley '18
Christian and Kelly Riesterer Groth '01
Regan Gunter '16
Taylor Gunter '16
Homa and John Guy
Libby and David Hackney '77
Kimberly and Dave Haines
Hollin Hakimian '19
Lisa and Greg Hale
Clement Hall '16
Tom and Ginger Wright Haller '76
Jason and Jenny Gregory Hambrecht '94
Henry Hamilton
Brandon and Caroline Foerster Hammond '94
Wade Hampton
John and Leyden Haynes Hane '94
Sarah Holyfield Hansel Klein '78
Molly and Chris Hansen
Julia Hanway '70
Lee Haramis '10
John Hardwick
Terrie Hardy
Jen Hauser
Mary Hayden
Barrie Hayes '79
Rodney and Jennifer Stopiak Hayes '90
Erica and Mike Hayman
Laura Leigh and Andy Haynes
Wilson Haynes '18
Ann Campbell-Hays and Bob Hays
Kate He '16
Zach Heaton '16
Tripp Hemphill '95
Patty and Chris Henderson
Camille Henley '16
Bonnie and Barry Henry
David Henry '16
Greg Hersey
Laura Hershberger '04
Scott and Lori Harrell Hershey '82
Belinda and David Hess
Brook and Jon Hicks
Debbie and Bobby Lee Hicks
Greg and Sherry Smith Hieb '80
Patti Himes
Juan and Jenny Selzer Hinojosa '00
Rebecca Hoadley
Leah and Carlton Hobgood
Joe and Viki Chorlton Hodgins '75
Tammy and Linnen Hodo
Lucy and Bill Hoffman
Jessica Hogan '19
Kimberly Hogan '16
Eric Holshouser '06
Maria and Matt Holzmann '95
Lynn Ray and Jay Hooper
Stephen and Taylor Lee Horne '00
Kathleen and John Horton
Shelby Hosea '16
Jennifer and Andrew Hostetler
Tonia Brousseau and Jeffrey House
Charles Howard
Rebecca Howes
Annabelle Hudmon
Angie Hughes
Jane Hughes '84
McMillan Hulsey '05
Taylor Hulsey '16
Mary Hunt
Megan Elsila and Tom Hunt
Bernie Hurley
Jono Hustis
Genevie Baroso and John Huynh
Sarah Irving '14
Nick Jangro '16
Todd and Stephanie Athey Jarvis '91
Crystal and Ershod Jasey
Jackie Jenkins
Joe Jennesse '07
Caroline and Charlie Jenney
Madison Jenney '16
Tracy Jester
Andrea and Scott Jevic
Cori Jevic '15
Kacie Jevic '16
Charlene Johnson
Caroline Johnston '19
Kacey Johnston
Michelle and Chris Jones
Tee and Jared Jones
Whitney and Walter Jones
Caroline Joseph '14
Matthew Joseph '19
Aronson and Jim Kagiliery
Catherine Kanaday and Scott Kasierski
Andrea Rizzi and Randall Kato
Crystal and James Kato
Olivia Kato '19
Neil and Suzanne Sollee Kelleter '91
Matt and Tanya Samara Kellogg '91
Sherri Kelly
Dorothy and Gil Kerr
Ben Ketchum '19
Kaiden Ketchum '16
James Kim '19
Becca Kincart '16
Derrick King
Nathaniel King '19
Walker King '19
Mary and Ray Kircher
Christine and Bob Kirk
Andrew Kirwan '10
Renee Mackoul Klein
Tara Kneale
Megan and Eric Kolar '84
Connie and Jim Kolster
Harukazu and Judy Wiggins Kouri '72
Mary Krombach
Michelle and Dean Krueger '83
Courtney Kurlas '19
Jane Labossier
Sophie Laettner '16
Donovan LaFavor '17
Liz and Chris Laine
Carol Lane
Marion Lane '09
Melodie and Dan Langford '82
Marty and Wendy Dickinson LaPrade '76 †
Janet and Paul Latta
Will Law '08
Arianna Leary
Childress and Anne Grace Lee '84
Cody Lee '16
Laurel Lee '16
Lucy Lee
Ted Lee '16
Bradley Leggett '16
Emily Lemasters '18
Gage Leonard '16
Helene and Gary Lesslie
Emily and Matthew Levenson
Graham Lewis '14
Kelly Whitt and Ken Lewis
Natalie Lewis '14
Kaley Libera '16
Caitlin Limbaugh '16
Marissa Lingaitis '16
Grace and Chris Lipari
Die'l Lockley
Deanna Thornton Lombardo '10 and Robert Lombardo '08
Dawn Hudson and Curtis Long
Erica and Christopher Luzar
Amy Foerster Lyerly '84 and John Lyerly '86
Mac Lyerly '18
Lyn Maa
Erica Mackaness '16
Jonathan Mackoul '16
Wanda Madrigal
Emily and Sean Magee '98
Bond Magevney '19
Thomas Magevney '16
Xander Magevney '19
Lori and Norman Magyar
Samantha Mahajan '16
Brian Mahon '18
Mary and Mark Mahon '75
Amy and Ryan Maloney
Kristen Venet Mandello '95
Carmen and Frank Mantay
Isabelle Mantay '16
Philippa Marks
Karen and Mark Marousky
Bart Martens '10
Bonnell Martens
Justine Martin
Elizabeth Scarborough Marziale '77
Brooke Matey '16
Eleanor Bryan Mathews '94
Kara and Mark Mathias
Addison Mathis '16
Bill and Jennifer Charron Maxwell
Marnie and Bill Mayher
Jessie McCaffrey '16
Carlie McCall '10
Sharice and Mike McCall
Courtney and Tom McCaughey
Amanda McCawley '16
P.D. McCawley '14
Sarah McCawley '19
David McClurkin '70
Laura and Mark McCollum
Annetta McCoy
Frances McCurry
Undine and Kevin McEvoy
Jen and Charlie McGarity
Ana and John McLaughlin
Will McLaurine '19
Connor McQuade '19
Maggie McQuiddy '16
Douglas and Julie Gannon Micalizzi '99
Matt Michel '03
Gracie Mickler '19
Julie and Rob Mickler
Bunny Booth Middleton '95 and John Middleton '91
Pat Mierse
Brynne Miller
Jo Miller
Lori and Eric Miller
Mary Claire and Ted Miller '87
Stephania and Steve Million
Anish Mirjankar '16
Adam Mitchell '16
Eric and Caila Gordon-Koster Moed '09
Brendan and Ashley Goebertus Moloney '99
Suzanne Monroe
Kate Montgomery '19
Rita and Gary Montour
Andrew Moore '19
Chris and Forrest Dickinson Moore '78
Jeanine and Alan Moore '73
Matthew Moore '16
Spencer Moore '04
Lesley Morgan '71
Julia Mori
Robert and Virginia Thomas Morris '73
Caleigh Morrison '16
Sam Moss
Kelly and Mike Mullaney
Richie Mullaney '14
Marguerite and Mike Mumford
Bjorg and George Murphy †
Connor Murphy '19
Katy and Pat Murphy
Joe Murray '99
Nancy and Steve Murray
Katie Mutter Haverty '16
Elaine Myers
Phillip Nacoste
Niki and Ed Namyslowski
Mary Ann and Bill Napier
Katja and Andreas Neumann
Kathleen Morris New '77
Darius Newbill '16
Pam and Fred Newbill
Mike Newcomb
Jenn and Will Nields
Bella Nigro '16
Lily Nigro '16
Dana and Jim Nolan
Sally and Kenneth Norrie
Chris and Katherine Donahoo Nott '90
Shannon and Jay Nunley
Alex Oakley '16
Bill O'Brien
Casey O'Brien '16
Erin O'Brien
Oceanwalk Neighborhood Social Committee
Kathleen and Andy Oldenburg
Peter and Blair Kingsbury Oliver '00
Kristina and Tom O'Neil
Emily Orr '16
Wendi and Trevor Orr
Jake Osgard '16
George Ossi '89
Marc Otero '16
Pam and Robert Ottesen
Will Overton '08
Daley Pajcic '16
Susan Pajcic
Leigh and Richard Palmer
Michelle and Ravi Pande
Anne Parham '16
Conway Parker
Kristy and Louis Parker
Suni and Curtis Parks
Mikayla Parsons '16
Hannah Pattison '16
Marta and Tom Pauly
Brooke and Aaron Penland
Harry and Amy Burrows Perkins '92
Taryn Peterson '19
Mary and Clay Philips
Niki and Jonathan Philips
Axie Phillips
Denise Warner and Charlie Phillips
Gracie Phillips '18
Patti Phillips
Mary and Peter Pierson
Kelly Pietan '88
Addy Pillsbury '16
Deena and Leonard Pittman
Laura Jane and Buck Pittman
Geoffrey and Sarah Reid Vinyard Place '10
Nitza Plaski
David Podvia '16
Kristan David Podvia '88 and Rob Podvia '86
Kristi Alford Podvia '91 and David Podvia '90
Jordan Polster '18
Dana Popky '16
Matt Porter '16
Lindsay Poulos '18
Megan and Nick Poulos
Ann and Richard Powell
Kinsey and Justin Powell '98
Suzanne Powell
Wendy Woolard Prindle '78 and Kevin Prindle '77
Kate and Greg Pritchard
Chad Prizzia '06
Betty and Julian Proctor
Aaron Prohaska '16
Kathryn and Chip Pruden
Beth and Nick Pulignano
Jill Stanton and Ken Purcell
Matt Purcell '14
Judy Rachels
Jeanette and Rick Rader
Stacie and Ed Raisner
Tracy and Steve Ralys
Brian Rankin
Jennie Ruckman Rankin '89
Sandy and Paul Raudenbush
Michelle and Renard Rawls
Evan Ray '16
Pat and Robert Ream
Erena Reese '16
Laurie and Pat Reese
Mariah and Robert Reese '00
Adam Reimer '16
Lexy Reimer '16
John and Laura Register Reinbold '78
Alexis Restivo
Perry and Cyndy Ira Reynolds '78
David and Melissa McLean Richards '84
George and Carolyn Dixon Richardson '77
Will Richardson '14
Kim and Mike Rickey
Gloria and James Rinaman
Kate Risdon '19
Richard Rizzi
Harry and Anne Bamberg Robinson '76
Will and Pam Oltmanns Rodman '76
Irene and Manuel Rodriguez
Francine and Doug Rogers
Elizabeth Roisin '03
Ana Maria Rojas
Kim and Duane Romanello '86
Kathy Rossiter
Thatcher Rottinghaus
Andre Royce '16
Jeanette and Tim Rudolph
Sally and Thomas Russo
Stacey Rutenberg
Gwynn and John Ruth
Steve and Sarah Ketchum Ruth '80
Joe and Amy McLeod Ryals '83
Alex and Jennifer Scruby Ryshawy '84
Caroline Sabo '10
Libbie Sabo '13
Mason Sabo '09
Lori Sackman
Meg and Jon Sacks
Alex Oakley '16
Nese Sagun
Hala and Waddah Salman
Josephine Sanchez
Misty Sapp
Lanae Savu and John Henson
Sawgrass Asset Management, L.L.C.
Elizabeth and John Sawyer
Nikole and Steven Schale
Caroline and Payton Scheppe
Suzanne and Skip Schinsing
Tyler Schlegel '17
Joseph Schmidt '16
Sasha and Pia Schneider '90
Alison Emery Schoenberger '90 and Neil Schoenberger '90
Stephanie Schuster
Taylor Schuster '14
David Schwei
Kathy and Duke Scott
Kendall Sealey '16
Carolyn and Everette Seay
Michael Seethaler '15
Judy and David Senesac
Tricia and Chad Senesac '98
Libby and Dwain Senterfitt
Jhan and Steven Shaaber
Alex Shapiro '14
Agnes Sharkey
Amanda and Jeff Shaver
Carla Shaw
Chad and Andrea Brown Shaw '90
Shellie and Walt Shay
Ruth Nagel Shelley '75
Anna Shepherd '19
Lilly Sheppard '16
Shawn and Brandie Williams Short '95
Ted Short '90
Matthew Shriver
Marcia Sicola
Kelby Siddons '06
Alan Sievert '19
Silvana and Jeff Silvernale
Alisia Martin and Dwelvin Simmons
Amaria Simmons '19
Dawson Simpson '17
Dea and Mike Sims
Leslie and Steve Sirbaugh
Warren and Cristi Peterson Skeels '91
Drake Skinner '10
Emily and Ryan Sloan
Matthew and Brie Wood Sloan '99
Kelly and Hamilton Slye '91
Be'ijz Smith '16
David and Shannon Meyers Smith '94
Jared Smith '16
Katie Smith '18
Kristin Smith
Michael and Meredith Cox Smith '99
Speakman Smith '17
Brian and Samantha Schwinger Snyder '91
Bill and Julie Wiggins Sorenson '98
Eva Spanos
Denise and Jason Spinning
Colton Spurlock
Gail and Rick Staggard
Viola and Bruce Stamper
Eric Stanley
Blair Elizabeth Stark '10
Christina and Jeff Starmer
Deborah States
Allison and Aron Stefanides
Kaye and Tim Stegink
Nicole and Adam Steiger
Joe Steilberg '14
Dinah Stephens '16
Jack Stephens '14
Janaye Stephens '16
Tricia and Chris Stephens
Donald and Candice Jones Ster '90
Margie Stevens
Caroline Still '17
Robert Still '17
Chris Stockton
Chet Stokes '09
Lizzy Stokes '17
Will and Jenn Brigman Stolder '95
Susan Stone
Margie Stormes
Emily and Eli Stovall
Jodi Strenta
Kim Strong
Ann and Charlie Stuart
Matt and Tess Ferguson Sturgeon '08
Angielyd and Michael Sullivan
David Sullivan '16
Dawn and Greg Tatarka
JuJu and John Taylor
Kristy Taylor
Will Taylor '16
Emily Teems '18
Megan Teems '16
Teri and John Teems
Chase Tennant '17
Ryan Teofilo '18
Alexis Terkonda '16
Carol and George Terre
The Alexander Law Practice P.A.
Glen and Susan Bullock Theiling '82
Brad and Dearing Setzer Thoburn '88
Amy and Wally Thomas '77
Jayne and Andy Thomas
Melissa and Clifton Thomas
Amanda Thompson '17
Ann and Rich Thompson
Sheila and Matthew Thompson
Tatum Thompson '16
Tracy Thompson '12
Dion Thompson-Davoli '16
Brooke Tollett '19
Sandy and Chris Tomberlin
Sam Tool '16
Christine and Randy Towers '78
Lillie Tritt '19
Max Tuggle '05
Luke Tusher '18
Carolyn Tuttle '03
Kim Van '16
Elizabeth Drew Van Cleve '83 and Robert Van Cleve '83
Paul and Anne Marie Harman Van Wie '90
Anisa Vashi '17
Michael Velarde '16
Allison and Julio Ventura '93
Gray Vickers '16
Monica Viggiano
Anjelo Villero '16
Thomas Vinyard '13
Dana Vitulli
Becky Vodrey '73
Kaley Vontz '17
Max Voss '19
Salwaa Ayad and Hani Wadei
Jane McDowell Wahl '78 and Hal Wahl '77
Mike and Nancy Abernethy Walczyk '74
Francine Andia Walker '77
Nick Walker '10
Olga and Mark Walker
Deena Bateh Wallace '00 and John Wallace '00
Kieran Wallace '16
Shannon and Scott Wallace
Chris Lenz and Kate Wallis '01
Ginny and Perry Walthour
Allan and Sally Burton Walton '74
Neale Walton '12
David Wandel
Penny and Walter Ware
Stephen Waryold '17
Kiefer Washburn '19
Kit and Pete Washburn
Chelsey and George Washington
Dianne and Mike Waters '80
Elizabeth Watkins
Ang Weakland
Mark Weaver '16
Mary Weaver
Sherrie and Warner Webb
Douglas and Janet Boyce Wedding '78
Chelsea and Justin Weise
Kelli Wells
Marcus Wells '90
Noah Wells '16
Luke Wentzel '19
Noah Wentzel '16
Kiara Wessling
Chris West '17
Corey and Tara Gilmore West '95
Meri Claire West '18
Alexis and Al Westbrook
Stephanie and Brandon Westerman '99
Gretchen Whipple
Beth and Brad Whitchurch
Emily Taylor-White and Joe White
Thursal White '16
Alex Whitehead '19
Dariel Harrell and Nate Whitehead
Kristin Whitehead '16
Megan Wickenden '06
Brook Wiley '16
Mark and Claire Dudley Wilkiemeyer '89
Mary Shaffer Willetts '09
Shamar Williams
Tamara Brown Williams
Travis Williams '16
Elizabeth Hartman '07
Lee and Cathy Boline Willins '78
Irvine and Lynn Peace Wilson '77
Mary Jane and Harry Wilson
Shawn and Rod Winchester
Heather Burnett Wingard '93 and David Wingard '92
Angie Wingert
Olivia Wingert '18
Kelly Winter '16
Jervis and Emily Humphries Wise '99
Paul Wise
Lauren Witkovich '16
Lexie Witt '16
Witt Witt '19
Lisa and Dylan Wolff
Suzy and Dan Wolff
Erin Wolfson '01
Liz and Frank Wood
Patrick and Liz Nix Wood '95
Brian and Katie Busse Woodliff '90
Richard and Katharyn Smith Woods '07
Alex Woodward '17
Becky and Bill Woodward
Colleen Worley
Isabel Wothe '16
Maria Wothe '16
Amy and Robert Wright
Clint Wright
Sam and Tim Wyatt
Taylor Wynter '16
Sid Yarlagadda '14
Chris and Robin Klein Yates '95
Madison Yauger '14
Charlotte York '17
Cary and James Young
Jack Young '16
Donna and Tommy Zaccour
Mike Zambetti '80
Cristina Zapata
Rebecca and Tony Zebouni
Marion and Bob Zeiner
Zachary Zeller '16
Jamilly and Kaleb Zeringue
Quinn Zhang '16
Jack Zhu '17
Anne and Justin Ziegler
Anne-Charles Zimmer '20
Henry Zimmer '17
Langdon and Tom Zimmer
Kimberly and Alex Zlatanoff
Loretta and Martin Zubero