Beaches Campus 

The music curriculum at the Beaches Campus includes singing, movement, listening, music reading, and preparation for songs sung in Chapel. Parents and family are invited to attend student musical performances throughout the year, including a Christmas performance.

St. Mark's Campus 

The St. Mark’s music program is offered to all students, starting in the Early Learning Program through sixth grade, and is designed to offer a myriad of opportunities for active participation and success. Music ignites all areas of child development: intellectual, social, emotional, motor, language, memory, and overall literacy.  Students share their gift of song at weekly Chapels, as well as many special occasions throughout the year. Each student in grades one through six participates in a special musical performance for the Christmas season. Fourth, fifth, and sixth grades together perform a spring musical annually. With numerous opportunities for performance and achievement, the St. Mark’s music program provides students with a foundation of musical skills to help them develop a lifelong enjoyment of music.

Munnerlyn Campus

Choral arts training embraces a variety of musical styles, both sacred and secular. Opportunities include Upper and Middle School choral classes during the school day and an extracurricular vocal ensemble which meets after school. Students in class and extracurricular chorus perform traditional choral music from all eras, including the Renaissance period through modern day, world music, musical theatre, jazz, and pop genres.The historical, cultural, and theoretical elements referenced within the music provide students with a greater understanding of the beauty and traditions of this art form.

Honors Chorale class, for juniors and seniors, is the advanced ensemble. The ability to read music and interpret it with sensitivity is required at this level. Students in Concert Chorale classes practice the skills necessary to achieve success in the Honors class.

There are two main performance opportunities for the Chorales and Vocal Ensemble – the Christmas concert at St. John’s Cathedral and the Spring Concert. The Chorales occasionally sing at weekly Chapel services, for additional programs on campus, and throughout the community. The group will visit the elementary campuses in addition to signing at elder care facilities and even the Jacksonville airport during the holidays. The Honors Chorale has also had the opportunity to perform at St. Paul’s Chapel Wall Street and Trinity Wall Street in New York City for the last several years.