Lower Schools

Both Lower Schools incorporate movement into the music curriculum for elementary age students. In addition, opportunities to participate in dance in Lower School are offered through extracurricular programs. As students transition to the Munnerlyn Campus they are given additional opportunities to participate in dance; for example, sixth graders take dance for nine weeks as part of their Fine Arts curriculum.

Middle and Upper School

The Middle School program is designed to make dance accessible to all students in sixth through eighth grades regardless of experience. It introduces them to basic principles of movement, a heightened sense of body awareness, coordination, strength, flexibility, balance, and poise. Middle School students can experience a quarter of dance in which they will explore hip-hop, east-coast swing, Pilates, choreography, musical theatre, West African styles, modern dance, yoga, and much more.

The Upper School Dance program is designed to create well-rounded, strong technicians and artistic, powerful performers regardless of experience. The program caters to the specialists who wish to work on an intense and advanced level as well as those who’d like to discover and learn a more personal development process through dance.

Extracurricular dance ensemble companies for both Middle and Upper School require auditions in the fall and meet after school. Dancers hold multiple performances, including Chapels, Grandparents’ Days, Touring Day, Homecoming, the spring dance concert and much more. Students have the opportunity to work with cutting-edge choreographers and teachers from around the globe as well as with excellent resident faculty.