Draw, Paint, Print

Draw, Paint & Print 1 and Draw, Paint & Print 2 are offered to begin the Fine Arts track. These classes include all the 2D disciplines. Honors Draw, Paint & Print: 2D Portfolio provides the year-long opportunity for students to prepare a portfolio for college application. Advanced Placement Draw, Paint & Print is offered to students by teacher recommendation as a full-year elective course to be evaluated for college credit on the national level.

The Middle School visual arts program offers classes as part of the rotating quarter system. Students in grades six through eight learn about the elements of design and various artists' styles through several media and present their own works in a quarterly exhibit. All students are presented with opportunities to enter various art competitions throughout the year.

The visual arts program at Episcopal emphasizes creative problem-solving through the production of artwork using various media. Studio facilities are equipped to provide instruction in many disciplines: drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, and ceramics. Art history is also offered as a field of study. Faculty strives to foster new ways of seeing, competence in production, and an awareness of the context of art in our environment. The Berg Gallery in the Munnerlyn Center for Worship and Fine Arts provides gallery space for rotating student, faculty and alumni exhibits.

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