Draw, Paint, Print

Beaches Campus

Pre-kindergarten through sixth-grade students enjoy learning basic visual art concepts in the campus’s bright and spacious new art room. Students are continuously encouraged to stretch their imaginations and implement problem-solving skills using a variety of materials.  Pre-kindergarten through second grade students focus on understanding how to properly use a wide variety of art materials through making connections in art, exploring art concepts, telling stories through art, and creating art. Third grade through sixth grade students focus on using the various art materials in a new and creative way to develop critical thinking skills and encourage cultural awareness and understanding. The elements and principles of design are taught and explored through their art making process. Art projects will often correlate with classroom curriculum across all grade levels.

St. Mark’s Campus

Art classes are attended by students in Pre-kindergarten through fifth grade in the fully equipped art suite. Students develop small motor skills such as cutting, coloring, gluing, and shaping small clay forms. They are also taught the basic elements of art (line, shape, texture, form and composition), spatial relationships, background consideration, and color combinations. Older students are encouraged to develop their creative thinking skills and form an awareness of art in nature and the world. Media for older students include oil, chalk, ink, and mixed media. Older students will gain an increasing respect for art, familiarity with great artists and their work, and will fine tune their skills by using perspective and observation skills of sizes and shapes in placement of a composition. Art projects will often correlate with classroom curriculum across all grade levels.

Munnerlyn Campus

The Visual Arts Department on the Munnerlyn Campus begins in sixth grade to emphasize creative problem-solving through the production of artwork using various media. Sixth graders begin art studies with a nine-week studio art course as part of their curriculum. Middle School visual arts programming provides classes as part of the rotating quarter system. Students learn about the elements of design and various artists' styles through several media and present their own works in a quarterly exhibit. All students are presented with opportunities to enter various art competitions throughout the year.

Draw, Paint & Print 1 and Draw, Paint & Print 2 are offered to begin the Fine Arts track in Upper School. These classes include all the 2D disciplines. Honors Draw, Paint & Print: 2D Portfolio provides a year-long course for students to prepare a portfolio for college application. Advanced Placement Draw, Paint & Print is offered to students by teacher recommendation as a full-year elective course to be evaluated for college credit on the national level.

The Munnerlyn campus studio facilities are equipped to provide instruction in many disciplines: drawing, painting, photography, and printmaking. Art history is also offered as a field of study. The Berg Gallery in the Munnerlyn Center for Worship and Fine Arts provides gallery space for rotating student, faculty, and alumni exhibits.