Technical Theatre

Technical Theatre is available on the Munnerlyn Campus to all Middle and Upper School students. The program takes advantage of the school’s exceptional performing arts facilities, utilizing the Deming Theatre and Jimbo’s Workshop in the Munnerlyn Center. Students participating in the program learn how to run lights, sound, and projection, as well as create scenery. They also work backstage on ESJ fine arts productions, school events, and Chapel. 

Technical-production classes focus on set construction, stage management, and lighting and sound design. Lighting & Sound and Stagecraft provide detailed instruction. Theatre Practicum is offered after school. This hands-on course is based on completing a total of 75 production hours each semester. These hours are obtained by participating in rehearsals after school, Fine Arts productions, Chapel, and events held during the school day. 

The Senior Independent Study is the final class offered for the Fine Arts Technical Theatre track. This class is for students deeply interested in technical theatre who are self-motivated leaders with a strong desire to increase their knowledge and have interest in pursuing the field after high school. This class can be a semester or year-long course.