Founded in the school’s first year, the Episcopal School of Jacksonville Foundation endowment provides in perpetuity funds for financial aid, faculty development, and program support. With assets of approximately $9 million, the Foundation provides annual income to the school. These funds, combined with other annual gifts to the school, provide invaluable resources that are not tuition-dependent.

Scholarships and special funds from the Foundation are given in the name of persons or organizations listed below. Total dollar amounts in the funds as of June 30, 2020 are also listed.

Donors establish named endowed funds. They can be designated for scholarships, specific programs, to endow a teaching, administrative, or coaching position, or for the maintenance of any campus facility.

Endowed fund donors receive statements for their funds and regular reports on the Foundation. The Foundation is stewarded by a volunteer board of directors who meet quarterly to manage the Foundation’s assets.

The Beaches Campus endowed funds provide ongoing support for financial aid, faculty and staff professional development, and programming. These funds, in addition to annual gifts to the school, allow the school to provide resources that enrich the Beaches Campus experience without reliance on tuition dollars.

With assets of almost $2.5 million, the St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School Endowment Fund provides annual income to the school.

St. Mark’s named endowment funds are listed below with the fund balance as of June 30, 2020. Donors may add to these funds, or establish a new fund in memory or in honor of a loved one, at any time.

If you are interested in donating to an Episcopal School of Jacksonville endowment fund, please contact Susan Kwartler, Episcopal School of Jacksonville, St. Mark’s Campus, Director of Development, at [email protected] or 904.388.2632, ext. 407.

Endowment Fund Information

Name of FundTotal AmountCampus
Linda and Rip duPont Scholarship Fund$52,570.00 Beaches
McCondichie Children's Fund$137,075.00 Beaches
50th Reunion Scholarship Fund$40,659.76 Munnerlyn
Bank of America Scholarship Fund$52,757.01 Munnerlyn
Ashley Danielle Bateh Scholarship Fund$95,046.89 Munnerlyn
James B. and Barbara Russell Bours Scholarship Fund$826,445.25 Munnerlyn
Buford L. Bowen Scholars Fund$345,064.68 Munnerlyn
James Lee Coon, Jr. Scholarship Fund$52,337.84 Munnerlyn
Cameron Murchison Corse Scholarship Fund$44,625.57 Munnerlyn
Neal G., Sr. and BJ Cury Scholarship Fund$98,118.68 Munnerlyn
Steven de Balmaseda Champion Scholarship Fund$96,852.44 Munnerlyn
The Linda and Rip duPont Endowed Scholarship$57,913.07 Munnerlyn
EHS Alumni Association Scholarship Fund$14,651.17 Munnerlyn
EHS Scholars Scholarship Fund$1,212,042.88 Munnerlyn
Forbes Scholars Fund$264,488.54 Munnerlyn
Yvonne L. and Monique M. Grand Scholarship Fund$22,938.95 Munnerlyn
Headmaster's (Semmes) Scholarship Fund$36,414.23 Munnerlyn
Bertram and Barbara Herlong Scholarship$111,914.76 Munnerlyn
John Michael Kelly Scholarship Fund$314,334.23 Munnerlyn
Amy Delores Lastinger Scholarship Fund$348,350.89 Munnerlyn
Randall Lane Lastinger Scholarship Fund$349,375.63 Munnerlyn
Roberta Mercier Scholarship Fund$38,201.50 Munnerlyn
Miller Bower Scholarship Fund$237,397.62 Munnerlyn
Wellington Cotton Paul Scholarship Fund$248,476.56 Munnerlyn
Lindsey Kathleen Lastinger Riggs Scholarship Fund$359,429.62 Munnerlyn
The James Edwin Rowan Endowed Scholarship$29,990.27 Munnerlyn
Katherine & Franklin G. Russell Scholarship Fund$150,761.87 Munnerlyn
Lauren K. Snyder Scholarship Fund$8,842.32 Munnerlyn
William N. Valentine Endowed Scholarship$41,415.29 Munnerlyn
Shirley Cox Webb Scholarship Fund$36,327.79 Munnerlyn
Unrestricted General Endowment Scholarship Fund$776,929.85 Munnerlyn
Bond Science Endowment$104,892.68 Munnerlyn
Leo C. Burgman Endowed Chair in English$364,392.69 Munnerlyn
Guardian Award (Dahl) Scholarship Fund$42,659.43 Munnerlyn
Mary Lou & Dan Davis Awards for Excellence in Teaching$83,465.14 Munnerlyn
Endowed Fund for Harkness Teaching$280,768.93 Munnerlyn
Lastinger Summer Scholars Scholarship Fund$327,726.47 Munnerlyn
Magevney Family Technology Fund$393,699.75 Munnerlyn
Charles E. Merrill Scholarship Fund$45,416.50 Munnerlyn
Endowment for Support of Minority Students$126,284.19 Munnerlyn
Parks & Lastinger Building Maintenance Endowment$46,972.51 Munnerlyn
The Dale D. Regan Plaza Replacement Endowment$166,245.79 Munnerlyn
Edward H. Rickard Visiting Artists Endowment$5,890.49 Munnerlyn
The Jack Tarver Endowed Fund for Communications$55,425.23 Munnerlyn
Sarah Elizabeth Morley Towers and Dr. Robert Baldwin Van Cleve Scholarship Fund$89,170.63 Munnerlyn
Elizabeth Simpson Walton '71 Fund for Coaches' Professional Development$288,704.67 Munnerlyn
Thomas Palmer Baker Endowment Fund$706,321.00 St. Mark's
Inez S. Chambers Endowment Fund$41,521.00 St. Mark's
General Endowment Fund$332,754.00 St. Mark's
Jamie Andrews and Glen Orr Scholarship Fund$76,626.00 St. Mark's
Buford L. Bowen Scholarship Fund$311,720.00 St. Mark's
Claude N. Brown Scholarship Fund$304,548.00 St. Mark's
James Duncan Burn Memorial Scholarship Fund$24,505.00 St. Mark's
Marilu Dempsey Scholarship Fund$14,490.00 St. Mark's
Oleta L. Dimmick Scholarship Fund$13,590.00 St. Mark's
Founders Endowment for Continuing Education$24,470.00 St. Mark's
General Scholarship Fund$114,024.00 St. Mark's
Cathy Hardage Fund for Financial Aid$26,058.00 St. Mark's
Hank L. Haynes Fund for Financial Aid$55,297.00 St. Mark's
Library Endowment Fund$61,899.00 St. Mark's
Sherouse Memorial Scholarship Fund$46,576.00 St. Mark's
St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School Scholarship Fund$80,012.00 St. Mark's
The G. Kennedy Thompson Library Endowment Fund$20,394.00 St. Mark's
Anina M. Walter Scholarship Fund$23,775.00 St. Mark's
R. S. Williamson Scholarship Fund$56,153.00 St. Mark's
Nancy N. Wood Excellence in Education Endowment Fund$30,377.00 St. Mark's