1. You must place student orders individually, this is very important for receiving the correct books. For example, if you have 2+ students at Episcopal you must place 2+ separate orders using their student names. This is to ensure correct purchasing information and correct buyback credits at the end of the year.
  2. Orders done online will be charged to your student's account, If you want to pay with an alternative method you must notify Missie Hoyt via email prior to placing your online order.
  3. Pre-Ordered books will be ready for pick up July 22, 2019 – August 8, 2019. All orders place through the website will be ready for pickup 24 hours after the order is placed. All orders must be picked up by August 8. Any orders not picked up by this date will be placed back into inventory. Friends and family can pick up orders on your behalf if you can not make it to the Campus Store by August 8.
  4. 2020-2021 Book List Coming Soon
  5. Click here to visit the online ordering site.

To determine which textbooks your student needs, you will need to look up their course selection, under documents on their My BackPack account. schedules are NOT needed for book orders. The textbooks will be listed by course on the online ordering site.

All textbook orders must be placed online during the summer. You can do this from home or come into the store and we will guide you through the online process. Once the order is placed, please allow up to 24 hours for processing and pick-up. For your convenience, the campus store bills your student account for fast checkout. We ask that you please arrange to pick up your order as promptly as possible.

Returns for printed textbooks

You can return printed textbooks purchased over the summer if there is a schedule change for full price through the first 2 weeks of school, last day for full return is August 23, 2019. All books must be returned in the condition they were purchased. New books must be unused, have no writing in or on the books, and/or any wrapped books cannot be opened.

After August 28, books may only be returned if a student drops a course and has a drop slip from the Registrar. Any books written in or removed from wrapping will be returned at the used price.

Buyback for printed textbooks

At the end of the school year, we buy back printed textbooks that were purchased from the Campus Store.  Books are bought back if they were purchased from the Campus Store, are in good, resalable condition, and are being used the following year. You will receive a 50% credit for books purchased as new and a 30% credit for books purchased as used.  A credit will be applied to the student’s account for the amount the books were bought back for. Buyback takes place during the week of spring finals for all students and begins in early May for all Seniors and AP students.