Uniform Recycle & Lost and Found


The Parents’ Association and ESJ created the Uniform Recycle Program to help our parents with two specific needs; what to do with their gently used ESJ uniforms and where to find gently used ESJ uniforms.

1.   What is the Uniform Recycle Program?

The Uniform Recycle Program was designed to provide parents with an opportunity to hand in gently used Episcopal uniforms and receive a receipt for their donated good at the time of drop-off. Additionally, parents can come by the school twice a year to pick up FREE gently used uniforms while supplies last.

2.  When and where can I pick up free uniform items?

Check back here for the dates to pick up free ESJ uniform items. The items will be located in the lobby of the Buck Center and are available on a first come first serve basis.

3. When and where do I drop off my ESJ uniform items that I no longer need?

Please drop off your clean uniforms to the Welcome Center during school hours. Hangers are appreciated, but not necessary. If you have removed the tags with sizes on them, please label with the size.

4. Can I donate t-shirts and items with a sport logo?

We will recycle all items with a sport logo, and we will donate t-shirts to Rethreaded.

5. Why can’t I just drop off my items to Good Will or other local charity?

ESJ would like only ESJ students to wear ESJ uniforms.

6.  If I donate clothes, am I guaranteed first pick at the FREE uniform items being offered in November and May?

No. The FREE uniform items are available to all ESJ families on a first come first serve basis.  Donating families have received a tax write off for their generosity.

7.  How many items may I take?

Families are free to take what they need, but we ask that they remember there are many families that are in need of uniforms.


The Parents Association and ESJ created the Lost & Found Program to help our ESJ families claim lost items.   Last year we returned over a hundred lost items back to their owners.  Every month, a group of volunteers will go through the piles of items in the Lost & Found bin and look for names.  If they find any items with a name, they bag it, tag it with your child’s name, and place the item in the student advisor’s mailbox.  Every other month, volunteers display all items without names on tables in the lobby of the Buck for three days.  At the end of three days, all unclaimed items are either donated to the Dominican Republic or thrown away.  The following FAQs should answer all of your questions.  If not, please contact the Parent Association chair.

1.  Where is the Lost and Found and when can my child or myself look through it?

The Lost and Found receptacles are located both in the boys' and girls' locker rooms. They are oversized green containers and have a Lost and Found label on the top of them. They are accessible whenever the locker rooms are open.

2.  How does my child know to look at the tables for their lost items?

Shortly before the Lost and Found tables will be set up, a notice will be sent to all ESJ families and announcements will be made to the students using flyers and the bulletin.

3.  What types of items can be found in the Lost and Found bin without names?

Many years, we have had over three tables filled with items.  We have found full sport’s bags of equipment with no names, jackets, a wet suit, single shoes, 10-15 pairs of shoes, 5 or 6 lunch boxes, non-uniform clothes, pillows, sleeping bags, and unmarked backpacks.

4.  Will ESJ Uniforms without names be displayed with the Lost and Found items?

No.  ESJ Uniform items without names will be sent to the Uniform Recycle Program.

5.  Why will the unclaimed items be donated or thrown away if unclaimed?

The Lost and Found program is designed to return lost items back to the students through every means possible.  Even though more than half of the items are claimed, there are always a number of items unclaimed.  Usually the items left over are shoes, dirty lunch boxes, and unwashed clothes.  When left in the closet for months, the bin really begins to smell.  Items such as sports gear will be sent to the athletic department.  Sometimes they can figure out whom the missing items belong to and return them.

6.  Where can I write my name in my child’s PE shirt?

In between the two layers of the PE shirt is a tag with the size.  You can write your name on it.