Student Life

Episcopal is a vibrant and busy community with many opportunities for involvement for all members of the community – parents and grandparents, faculty and staff, students and alumni. From Fine Arts performances, athletic competitions, and community service opportunities to Homecoming, Chapel, A Vision for Art, and Boo Bash, Episcopal welcomes everyone to participate fully in the life of the school.

Lower Schools

The Lower School Campuses help children grow intellectually, spiritually, and physically throughout their formative years of education. Students enjoy an educational experience that encourages a sense of independence and excitement while providing compelling instruction filled with developmentally appropriate learning activities. Weekly Chapel services allow students to grow spiritually as they learn about God's unconditional love for them and their place in the world. In addition, Chapel provides leadership opportunities for students to take on active roles in the service as acolytes, readers, and presenters. Community outreach opportunities allow students to make a difference globally and locally through Service Learning. The athletic program provides an outlet for active play, teamwork, and skill-building as students participate in sports like basketball, volleyball, flag football, and soccer. Art and music opportunities allow students to build confidence, be creative, and perform for family and friends. The balanced educational experience fully prepares students for life and school after their elementary years are complete.

Middle and Upper Schools

ESJ strives to create meaningful opportunities for students while ensuring a welcoming and inclusive environment on campus. Upper School students take full advantage of the many opportunities available on the Munnerlyn campus. Academic departments are, for the most part, separated by building.  Classroom spaces are designed with specific disciplines, learner-centered teaching, and collaboration in mind, whether incorporating Harkness tables in English and History classrooms, mobile node seating in World Language classrooms, or lab spaces for Science and Robotics.

Their educational experience is enhanced by a wide variety of courses offered across the Four Pillars, which utilize dedicated visual and performing arts space, including two theaters, and athletic facilities, and classrooms. Students benefit from the open air setting along the St. Johns River and copious outdoor gathering spaces, including the beautiful Regan Plaza. It’s not unusual to see students and faculty using these spaces for outdoor classes, group study, quiet reflection, or socializing during the breaks built into the daily schedule.

The Munnerlyn Campus offers more than 50 on-campus clubs and organizations, which are designed to improve the quality of campus life and to promote the development of responsible leaders. Clubs are activity, interest, or community service based and allow Middle School and Upper School students to develop personally while building relationships with others.  Clubs are student-initiated and student-led with the support of a faculty/staff sponsor.

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