Middle School

Munnerlyn Campus - Middle School (Grades 6-8)

At Episcopal School of Jacksonville (ESJ), we are committed to being the most well-rounded, academically challenging and caring private middle school in Jacksonville, FL. Our middle school program offers a college preparatory education in a caring environment for students in grades 6-8.

We base our educational philosophy on four pillars:

  • Academics
    Our private middle school in Jacksonville, FL uses the Harkness method, offers honors and AP courses, and allows students to participate in customized learning experiences.
  • Spiritual Life
    ESJ values spiritual growth and believes it is an essential part of a well-rounded education. Our middle school students actively participate in planning and leading Chapel services. ESJ is a private middle school in Jacksonville, FL that understands the importance of putting faith into action and serving the community.
  • Fine Arts
    The fine arts program at ESJ is designed so students can take advantage of both curricular and extra extracurricular performing and visual arts. Unlike other private middle schools in Jacksonville, FL, our fine arts faculty members are professional artists in their own right.
  • Athletics
    ESJ is proud to work with a no-cut policy for our middle school sports teams. This unique policy means that the students who attend our private middle school in Jacksonville, FL are able to explore a wide variety of sports in their middle school years.

ESJ’s commitment to balanced experiences contributes to our reputation as one of the best private middle schools in Jacksonville, FL. 

Munnerlyn Campus 

Students enjoy small class sizes at our Munnerlyn campus. Of all the search results for private middle schools near me, ESJ’s Munnerlyn campus is one of the most beautiful. 

Students in sixth grade are clustered together for their school day. Their lockers and classrooms are separated from the older students. This allows these younger students to form closer relationships and enjoy age-appropriate bonding experiences. The close bond that ESJ students experience with each other sets us apart from other private middle schools in Jacksonville, FL. 

Students in seventh and eighth grades attend Middle School Chapel and Middle School lunch. Their classrooms are generally arranged by subject in separate buildings. Middle school students are able to interact with other students at this campus through mentorships organized by the faculty. 


ESJ employs more than 200 faculty members, all of whom have at least a four-year degree. Half of the staff members have graduate degrees and teach in their specialties. Not all private middle schools in Jacksonville, FL are able to attract such an outstanding faculty to their schools. 

At ESJ, we believe that investing in the professional development and further training of our faculty and staff members is essential. It is one of the factors that makes ESJ one of the best private middle schools in Jacksonville, FL. 

Student Life

On top of excellent academics, middle school students at ESJ can expect to enjoy a rich and exciting educational experience. Our students love participating in our sports teams as well as artistic curricular and extracurricular opportunities including visual arts, dance, drama, pep band and our chorus. The diverse opportunities available at ESJ helps us consistently show up when searching for the best private middle schools near me. 

Middle and upper school students have many opportunities to participate in a vast array of clubs including service clubs, special interests, competitions, performance and publication clubs. There are more than 50 on-campus clubs offered at our Munnerlyn Campus, which is unique for private middle schools in Jacksonville, FL. 

Schedule a Campus Tour

One of the best ways to get to know the middle school program at ESJ is to schedule a guided tour of our 56-acre riverfront campus. Simply email our admissions office at [email protected] or call 904.396.7104.