Middle School

Munnerlyn Campus - Middle School (Grades 6-8)

Episcopal’s Middle School is located on the Munnerlyn campus. Sixth grade classrooms and lockers are clustered together so that the campus’s youngest students stay mostly within their own space. Sixth graders move as a unit through the academic day, PE and Fine Arts, lunch, Chapel, and other activities. They benefit from the small class size and close relationships they are able to develop as a class as they begin their time on the Munnerlyn campus. Seventh and eighth graders’ domain expands and their academic and elective classes are located throughout the whole Munnerlyn campus, where for the most part, subject matter is separated by building. Seventh and eighth graders participate in Middle School Chapel and attend Middle School lunch. Social interaction during these times as well as in the locker areas and Advisory allow for developmentally appropriate interaction.  Middle School students benefit from a “no cut” policy in athletics, allowing them to try any sport of interest. Extra curricular Fine Arts opportunities are available to them as well, including visual art, dance, drama, pep band, and chorus.  Middle School students interact with older students as mentors through extracurricular activities, clubs, arts, and athletics.