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An Episcopal Education

The Harkness Method, used in many humanities classrooms, is an established and cherished way of instruction which fosters students’ curiosity, initiative, personal confidence and problem-solving.
The community here is an environment in which students feel empowered to explore their passions and pursue their personal goals, to grow, and to be themselves as they prepare for college and beyond.
It is such a joy to be the Chaplain at The Episcopal School of Jacksonville. As a priest and an educator, I am truly blessed to be a part of this community. - Mother Teresa
Discovering your strengths and challenges are all a part of the balanced experience Episcopal offers students. This journey of personal exploration ultimately cumulates in finding the right college or university.

Why Episcopal?

Welcome from the Head of School

Welcome to Episcopal! My family and I have been heartened by this refrain as we’ve been embraced by this caring community, and it is my honor now to extend the same greeting to you and yours. You’ll quickly discover that an Episcopal education is as rich as the human experience. Our students are intellectual, physical, creative, and… Continue Reading

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