Senior School Spirit

By: Katie Nicholson ’18

As our time at Episcopal comes to a close, I have spent time reflecting on the power of this year’s senior class.  One can easily look at the list of colleges we will be attending and realize the immense intelligence and variety of interests that this class holds. However, it’s important to recognize the effect that we seniors have had on ESJ, as well as the effect ESJ has had on us.  Our seniors are proud to be Eagles! We thrive in the arts, in the classroom, in community service and particularly in school spirit. We fight for the best representation of our class, we do our best to uphold our standards, and we cheer each other on.  Julia Sessions ‘18 was clawed in a pep rally came in the name of senior class victory; Anna Baumeister ‘18 painted herself orange in the name of a volleyball game theme (yes, she did misinterpret the theme, but that’s beside the point). In all that we do for the name of ESJ, ESJ has done much in the name of its seniors. Through senior lunches, retreats and privileges, this senior class has become a tight-knit bunch that I am honored to be a part of.  Class of 2018, let’s finish strong!

Image courtesy of Julia Sessions ’18.