Thank you, Episcopal Fund Parent Donors!

St. Mark’s Volunteers

Episcopal Fund, St. Mark’s Campus Chairs:  Chloe and Chris Wood
Episcopal Fund, St. Mark’s Campus Co-Chairs: Stephanie and Matt McCullough
Episcopal Fund, St. Mark’s Campus Grandparent Representatives: Mary Jane and Jay Trimble

Grade Level Chairs:

ELP 1                     Callie and Ross Sprague ‘06
ELP 2                     Chloe and Chris Wood
Pre K 3                   Carol and Worth McArthur ‘04
Pre K 4                   Stephanie and Matt McCullough
Kindergarten           Emily and William Magevney ‘00
First Grade             Amanda and James Trimble
Second Grade         Elaine Martinez-Koziol and Jason Koziol
Third Grade            Jessica and Jason Ryals
Fourth Grade           Elizabeth Rodriguez and Eric Sauvageau
Fifth Grade             Randa and Neil Blethyn
Sixth Grade            Mistee and Jason Richards

Munnerlyn Volunteers

New Parent Chairs: Sunny and Joe Hartigan
Middle School Chairs: Cara and Mike Hillyard
Upper School Co-Chairs: Kim Goodman and Candace Ravis
Class of 2021 Parent Chairs: Frances Poitevent Hutto ’88 and Mark Hutto
List of parent representatives for the Munnerlyn Campus.

Beaches Volunteers

Beaches Campus Chair: Lori Cordell
Grade Level Chairs:
PreK-3: Julie and Andrew White
PreK-4: Ericka and Chris DeStephano
Second Grade: Donia and Bill Crime
Third Grade: Shannon and Matt Everett
Fourth Grade: Sarah and John Zak
Fifth Grade: Niki and Jonathan Philips
Sixth Grade: Christine Covington