Communications, whether oral, written, or visual, is at the core of the human experience. The Communications Department helps students to better understand and express themselves in engaging, clear, and mindful ways. Continue Reading

Computer Science

Students gain 21st century skills essential to college and work life in computer science courses. Continue Reading


Episcopal students are excited and intrigued by the world around them. As students read, they think, and they learn to express those thoughts engagingly and persuasively in written and oral communication. Continue Reading

Fine Arts

Welcome to the world of fine arts at Episcopal. The arts in all their forms are at the heart of Episcopal life. Continue Reading


While textbooks provide the structure and foundational information for courses, the History Department believes strongly that students best engage material through the reading and analysis of primary documents. Continue Reading


The Mathematics Department has taken great care to design a curriculum to meet the needs of all Episcopal students, with keen attention paid to students’ differing mathematical backgrounds, developmental levels, and conceptual abilities. Continue Reading

Physical Education

At the Episcopal School of Jacksonville, we have a keen appreciation for the direct correlation between the physical well-being of a student and their performance in the classroom. Continue Reading


We understand that outstanding science education extends beyond classroom walls. Science students travel on field trips to the Jacksonville Zoo, Little Talbot Island, Sea World in Orlando, and research facilities at universities such as Georgia Tech and MIT. Continue Reading


The Theology Department desires to orient our students to the deepest and best of the Christian intellectual tradition and to help them understand how that tradition engages a pluralistic world. Continue Reading

World Languages

Episcopal believes that the study of a world language is integral to a student’s development in a growing global community. Continue Reading

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