Instrumental Music

Beaches Campus 

The music curriculum at the Beaches Campus for all students includes listening, instrumental work, and music reading. Rhythm instruments like xylophones, glockenspiels, and keyboards supplement the lessons. Parents and family are invited to attend student musical performances throughout the year. Band is offered for fifth and sixth grade students, with concert performances during the school year. Students choose an instrument and practice each week to build musical skills and grow as musicians.

St. Mark’s Campus 

The St. Mark’s Campus music curriculum provides a hands-on experience for all grades. Students practice skills and enhance their music reading abilities with both hands-on instruction as well as assistance through technology. Classroom instruction includes use of instruments such as non-pitched percussion instruments (drums, rattles, and bells), pitched percussion (xylophones, metallophones, glockenspiels, and timpani), as well as guitars, ukuleles, and soprano recorders. Students also use the Music Ace computer program to learn music reading skills.

Munnerlyn Campus

Instrumental music is offered to students in all Middle and Upper School grades through classes and extracurriculars. Students perform band literature and develop performance skills through active participation in rehearsal and concert settings, as well as the ability to work as a part of a large instrumental ensemble. They gain knowledge of literature, listening skills, and overall musicianship, insight into the professional world of band performance, an appropriate repertoire, and performance practices relevant to the music studied. Students perform in Chapel, the Christmas Concert at St. John’s Cathedral, and at the spring band concert.